25 February 2018

Amsterdam tips

Zaanse schans

Going back in time in Zaanse Schans

Mills, peat landscapes, polders, clogs, cheese making. These are all typical Dutch things. On the Zaanseschans they all come together. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands, located on the river Zaan and rich [...]

Basilica of St. Nicholas

Basilica of St. Nicholas

On Prins Hendrikkade opposite Amsterdam Central is the 19e century Basilica of St. Nicholas. The church, which was officially called Saint Nicholas in the Veste built in 1884 - 1887 to a draft [...]


The oldest tower of Amsterdam - Schreierstoren

The oldest tower of Amsterdam is the Schreierstoren. It is located in the heart of Amsterdam Close by the Central Station on the Prins Hendrikkade. Inside this medieval building, you can take a relaxing pit stop at the restaurant. [...]


Keizersgracht, a boulevard filled with water

Voters Canal is 31 meters, the widest canal in the center of our capital. Around the Herengracht you can find many buildings with an important historical values ​​Keizersgracht without water in 1615 began [...]

Yellow Bike

Experience Amsterdam Yellow Bike

Yellow Bike has since 1990 an understanding in the field of guided tours in Amsterdam. Quality, customer focus and fun, are highly valued by the more than sixty enthusiastic staff. are specially designed Yellow Bikes [...]


Noordermarkt, a piece of history

At the foot of the Noorderkerk is the North Market. The North Market is the second oldest market still exists. The Nieuwmarkt is only a few years older than the North Market. To be precise, [...]


The Dappermarkt

For over one hundred years, the Dappermarkt weekly open Monday through Saturday and today is that nine to five. The market is the most visited attraction in the [...]


King's, all of Amsterdam turns orange

Wednesday, April 27 2016 we celebrate Koningsdag.Er will again happen in the capital and the tricolor with orange pennant will fly happy again! King's street markets while the royal family visiting Zwolle are there in Amsterdam [...]

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Amsterdam tips

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam the eyecatcher

Ask an American, a Chinese and a Brazilian to the main Amsterdam attractions, and you'll get four names to the ears: The Red Lights District, of course, where most tourists spontaneously start [...]

Red light district of Amsterdam

The red light district of Amsterdam is a confluence of streets in the oldest neighborhood of Amsterdam where you will find numerous prostitutes, sex shops and coffee shops. The red light district in the center of Amsterdam [...]

The famous Flower Market in the world

When you go, do not forget the flower market a day trip to Amsterdam. This typical little market is a tourist attraction and the ideal place to buy a nice bunch of tulips. The flower market is tasty [...]

Cruises through Amsterdam

Who says Amsterdam, thinks immediately to the canals. The Amsterdam canals consisting of 165 different canals and in the past had an important economic function. By transporting commodities and trade that flourished [...]

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

When you visit Amsterdam brings there are many museums that you can visit Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam is one of them. It is a very famous museum not only in Amsterdam but [...]
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Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of wonderful sights, what do you think of the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum? In addition, Amsterdam is the city of the Anne Frank House, where you can crawl into her skin and can experience its experience of the Second World War. In addition, Amsterdam is especially abroad also famous for its Red Light District, like the coffee shops that are available. In itself perhaps not all sites, but together have a special attraction. See further example Dam and of course the Central Station.


Magna Plaza, the jewel of Amsterdam

Magna Plaza The former main post office in Amsterdam, just behind the dam. A gigantic building with beautiful architecture. Even if you do not come there for shopping that's about it for the neo-styles [...]

The famous Nine streets

Bring your visiting Amsterdam, walking certainly agree with the famous nine streets. Whether you like shopping, culture, something tasty something to eat or drink in the streets is [...]

The famous Flower Market in the world

When you go, do not forget the flower market a day trip to Amsterdam. This typical little market is a tourist attraction and the ideal place to buy a nice bunch of tulips. The flower market is tasty [...]



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  • Klimhal Amsterdam

    The climbing gym has a climbing wall area of ​​about 3300 m2. This is the largest climbing gym in all of Benlux! The climbing walls you can try ± 300 300 routes and boulders. Equipping all efforts [...]
  • On safari in the backyard of Amsterdam

    During Wetlands Safari, already 20 years running, canoe you with a guide through the 17de-century landscape, a village with houses almost floating on the water. Among sailing you enjoy all [...]
  • Enjoy in the Vondelpark

    Vondelpark, who has not heard of it? It is one of the most famous and one of the largest parks in Amsterdam. However, the park has not always borne the name Vondelpark. In the [...]
  • Warmoesstraat, a special transformation

    Warmoesstraat has an extraordinary transformation of space for vegetable trade to popular entertainment area for gay men. Yet this somewhat extravagant street hides beautiful historical treasures. A walk through the Warmoesstraat is for lovers [...]
  • Albert Cuyp market, sample the real Amsterdam atmosphere

    Amsterdam is to experience one of the cities with its own history, its own culture and atmosphere found nowhere else in the same way. If you visit only the city center, you here [...]
  • Brewing beer at the Heineken Experience

    From brewery to Heineken Experience The building where the museum is located in, the very building where Heineken was in her early years. The building was established in 1867 and functioned until 1988 [...]
  • foam Amsterdam

    Foam Amsterdam is a photography museum located on the stately Keizersgracht. Foam is the contraction of Photography Museum Amsterdam and presents changing exhibitions. In these exhibitions, various genres of photography exhibited. How to find [...]

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