24 May 2018

Amsterdam Dance Event, Amsterdam really swings

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Amsterdam Dance Event

Every year there is the Amsterdam Dance Event in October in Amsterdam. The special feature of this event is that about eighty different nightspots to join. For five days there are various events all over Amsterdam city and Amsterdam is here transformed into a busiest and most inspiring dance-city "of the world.

Twenty years ago, ADE started 30 acts in Milky Way, Paradiso en EscapeAnd contemporary, it has become one of the biggest club festival in the world. To give to you a picture here now occur more than 2000 300 artists during different events.

The program is very varied so get there very famous DJs to the city that run all over the world and are known all over the world, but there is also room for young and new talent. Also in terms of music style is there for every "house-lovers' tastes: this is in addition to the mainstream 'house' also include tech house, techno, hardstyle and even hip hop and UK garage turned. The famous clubs are open to everyone, as long as you can get a ticket and meets the age limit. This gives you the chance to dance in places you've never been before.
Tickets buy separately for each event through the relevant club.Maar Amsterdam Dance Event Amsterdam Dance Event itself website and through the website is more than up to the wee hours dancing to the music of your favorite DJs. 'Playground' is an integral part of ADE. This unique program can also be found at various places in the city. The program consists of many different things, such as interactive interviews, presentations, exhibitions, pop-up performances at the most exclusive locations of Amsterdam. Besides 'Playground' find 'Amsterdam Dance Event Conference' there every year.
Hundreds DJs, record companies, tour managers and other people from the music get together to talk about sharing music and experiences. The conference is divided into six different themes. A business, but also very inspiring platform where 'modern' music is the common denominator. Tickets for "ADE conference" is possible, but do this only if you are really interested in the business side of the muziekwereld.Deze two parts, 'Playground' and 'Conference' ensure that the Amsterdam Dance Event is over house parties in different places. It also examines in depth the music of today. This offers opportunities for new collaborations and new insights. Partly because of Amsterdam Dance Event has been such a success; and there is entered in the width and depth of modern music.
The ticket prices vary; For some parties you bad 10 or 15 euros lost for celebrations with 'bigger names' and a special location, the price can reach up to 40 euros. An important tip for people from outside Amsterdam Hotels'll soon as the program is known and the tickets go on sale fill up quickly, so book early and be assured of a good place to sleep during the Amsterdam Dance Event Overall, Amsterdam Dance Event is a very! varied but above all great fun, casual, festival. The atmosphere that hangs in the city is special. Everywhere you see DJs or other "muzieklui 'walking around with a black / yellow (the colors va ADE) card on their necks. Also tourists from the Netherlands and abroad ensure that the city busier, though, is cozier. For this festival absolutely true: presence is experience! Read here For more on the Amsterdam Dance Event.
Amterdam buy tickets online

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