23 May 2018

Amsterdam Expo

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EXPO Amsterdam

Exhibitions in Amsterdam Expo

The Amsterdam Expo has a lot of great and popular exhibitions to the Netherlands. For example, the exhibition on the Titanic. An informative exhibition about the disaster of the Titanic. The popular exhibition about the human body, BODY WORLD & The Story of the Heart, was held in Amsterdam Expo. An exhibition about the most famous Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun and its treasures has been featured in 2014 in Amsterdam Expo.

Access Amsterdam Expo

The Amsterdam Expo has new exhibits in store. It is best to visit the Expo on website the Expo information to gain the access, opening times and admission prices. It is possible, and advisable, to order your entrance tickets online. This will save you a long queue.


The Amsterdam Expo has many amenities for its visitors. For all your questions regarding exhibitions please contact online or by phone. You will be assisted by experts and enjoy as always professional advice. Also at the exhibition you will be happy to help by the staff. The expo provides sanitation and there are opportunities to eat a snack and a drink at the Expo.

An exhibition photograph there are rules about this, it is advisable to see it in advance. You may bring your luggage, provided they meet the right size, take to the Expo. There are also opportunities to safely leave your luggage in a locker.

Amsterdam EXPO for Young and Old

The Amsterdam Expo is for both young and old a must. The exhibitions are arranged so that's a real experience the Expo to all age categories. Because the exhibits are so different the Expo can be seen as a multi-annual outing for the whole family.

Tickets Amsterdam Expo

You can order many way tickets to the exhibitions in Amsterdam Expo. You can call the ticket number. Here you can order your tickets in addition to also collect information on the exhibition and go for your questions. Also through the website it is possible to order tickets and of course at the door you can get tickets. It is recommended to provide for yourself in advance tickets, due to the popularity of the Expo you saved this waiting period.

The Amsterdam Expo is an easily accessible and central location in Amsterdam. Ideal to visit so even if you are in Amsterdam. The exhibitions are designed for all ages and experience for everyone as a special experience. The Amsterdam Expo offers you the best service and ordered tickets can easily online, by phone or at the door.

Amterdam buy tickets online


  1. Such a shame that it no longer exists. I went to ALL exhibitions as a teacher and as a parent with my children. Always beautifully presented, a good balance of information for young and old. The kids are still talking about Toetenkhamun and Titanic! Suddenly it was gone - no press release or email to members. I had hoped that the Harry Potter exhibit would come here - it was a perfect location too.

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