23 June 2018

Amsterdam Light Festival

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From December to 01 / m in January 22 2017 there to admire unique light art in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Light Festival is an Amsterdam cultural festival for young and old and long passes, festive and artfully illuminated touch more than a month the capital during the darker winter months.

The historic center is put through sculptures, installations and projections of various (international) artists in the light.

Shipping lanes at the Amsterdam Light Festival

There is both a trail as a route that leads you along the lighted shore work. The route, which is named Watercolors has got, you enter on the canals and the Amstel along the light show.

Several companies in the city offer this tour. The tour lasts 75 minutes and is illuminated by an enthusiastic guide. The departure point for this tour is at the Stopera on the Amstel. The trail, named Illuminade leads you through the city along the light art of the artists. During the route you'll pass projections on historical buildings, light installations in the streets or in the parks and there are even objects that you can walk through. In addition to these routes, there are other activities you can take part in, such as performances, exhibitions, lectures and workshops. There are also several museums, theaters, restaurants and shops in the sign of light.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Origin of the Light Festival

The festival was born from a collaboration between cultural institutions, community, knowledge institutes and the business community of Amsterdam. The first took place in 2009, and each year an exuberant and grandiose character. In 2013 was given the festival for the first time a theme. The theme was "A Bright City" and was a great success. This third edition of the festival attracted a record number of no less than 730.000 visitors. These were 30% more visitors than the year before that.

The reactions were very positive. The Guardian Amsterdam called the festival into one of the most beautiful light festivals in Europe. The theme for the end of 2015 is "Friendship" and artists, architects and designers have been invited to submit their works of art.

several artworks

Contemporary artists from all over the world can submit their artworks in which some forty light works are selected by a jury, which will then be exhibited by the city during the Amsterdam Light Festival. The artworks are thus made especially and exclusively for the exhibition during the festival of lights. In recent years there were see works by architects and artists who came from different countries.

So artists were for example in from France, Chile, New Zealand, Brazil and Portugal. The artworks were all impressive and had names like: Lux Turba Senus, a projection on the telephone KPN, Floating Bridge, a floating bridge that lit up when you include continued and Moon Burn, a glow-in-the-dark moon .

Many works also have an interactive feature that you can activate your smartphone

Skinny bridge at the Amsterdam Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival dedicated to sustainability

At Amsterdam Light Festival Sustainability is a high priority. Thus, for example use of energy-saving LED lighting. Dutch companies anyway take an important position in the LED revolution that currently prevails in the lighting industry. This is clearly seen during the festival.

There is also since last year Amsterdam Light Festival app. This app is free to download and keep you informed of all the news about the festival and you can find there all the routes and locations.


Amterdam buy tickets online


  1. Last year I was in Amsterdam by accident during the Light Festival. Very much enjoyed the works of art to see there were! I recommend doing a boat trip during this period.

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