19 July 2018

Artis zoo

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Artis zoo

Artis Zoo 1838 opened her doors to the public under the name "Natura Artis Magistra". The founders were named three men; Westerman, Werlemann and Wijsmuller. At first zoos were at that time privately, but after the zoo in London was open to the public, Artis, soon followed.

Some to now 900 species in Artis

At that time was not to compare the volume of Artis with the current size. There were also many juniors animals in the park. In the beginning there were virtually only a few monkeys exist and some parrots. Expansion, however, came after just one year. An example of the new animals were admiring including a kangaroo, brown bears, three lions and even an elephant, named Jack. From that moment it was really only be called a zoo. Over the years, the number of animals is very extensive. At this time, Artis has such 900 species of animals.

Artis has endured since 1838

Artis goes with the times

The park is much more possible than just admiring animals. For example, there is, for example, a Planetarium present. Here you can see daily special films. These films are projected in the large dome which this Planetarium features. This way you can find that you travel through the solar system or even're an astronaut.

The park is much more possible than just admiring animals

What is also worth a visit, a visit to Micropia. This first microbes museum of the world. It was opened by Queen Maxima at 30 September 2014. Another word for microbes micro - organisms. In Micropia special 3D viewers available, which you can see for yourself how these organisms move about, reproduce and eat.

The Butterfly Pavilion

If you like just by swirling animals, Butterfly Pavilion is probably the place for you. This pavilion with its duiziend square meters, the largest in the Netherlands. There are more than 20 species of butterflies to admire, including the Blue Morpho Butterfly and the Atlas. The Blue Morpho has to reflect its name from its beautiful bright blue color and Atlasvlinder even the largest butterfly on earth. He has a wingspan of 30cm. Along with the Insectarium where Artis also this is even features the largest insect collection in the world.

Butterfly Pavilion in Artis

Also, it is particularly the Heimans oakThis is the oldest tree in Amsterdam and is in Artis. The oak is approximately 275 years old and is named after Eli Heimans. Heimans was a naturalist. Like other old trees, it may be that this unfortunately ill. This is also the case with the Heimanseik. When it is a danger, the tree will eventually have to be cut down. Fortunately there are a few other old trees in the park. The red beech that is present, it is estimated around the 150 years and has a circumference of about four meters. The trunks of the trees are always checked by special tree experts, they will ultimately decide whether a tree should be cut down or not.

Since September 2014 Artis even has an eponymous square, Artis Square. Here you do not specifically to buy a ticket. In this square is including the new café restaurant Plantation. It features a spacious terrace and is suitable as a meeting or to simply enjoy a drink. There are also several bars and restaurants located on the park including pancakes house

Admission Artis

0 - 2 years free
Youth (3 - 9 years) € 16,50
Normal (10 +) € 19,95

Students of the ROC Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam, VU, HvA, Amsterdam School of the Arts, Tio, Inholland (North Holland), Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the IPABO € 3,00

care Map
Care centers in North Holland can purchase the Artis-care card for € 175,00 per institution.

clients and escorts with a care card € 3,50

Opening hours

If you are enthusiastic and want to visit Artis, this is every day of the year as possible. The opening times do vary each period.

1 28 November to February
of up to 9.00 17.00 hours

1 31 March to October
of up to 9.00 18.00 hours

every Saturday in June, July and August
of 9.00 am to sunset

On these evenings will feature several performances, storytelling and guided tours. See how the animals behave in the evening.

Monday through Wednesday
of up to 9.00 18.00 hours
Thursday through Saturday
of up to 9.00 20.00 hours
of up to 9.00 18.00 hours

Artis Square
You can visit to 9.00 22.30 hours.

Artis-Park Address

Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
1018 CZ, Amsterdam

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Amterdam buy tickets online

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