23 June 2018

Experience Amsterdam Light Festival 2016

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Amsterdam Light Festival

1 2016 from December to January 22 2017 the fifth edition of Amsterdam Light Festival. Light Works by renowned artists and emerging talents will transform the center of Amsterdam to a feast of light. The Amsterdam Light Festival, started in 2012, now one of the most popular light festivals in Europe. Dozens of works and installations by international artists, designers and architects will participate in this year's festival. The works can be admired in two ways: with Amsterdam Light Festival tour (Watercolors) or by means of a trail, the Illuminade.

Unforgettable light festival in Amsterdam

Projections on historic buildings, installations on the streets and in the squares and many interactive works; anything goes at the Amsterdam Light Festival. Unique in Amsterdam Light Festival is the public-private partnership. Both municipal, business and different creative sectors are involved in the organization of the event. Nowhere come a historic downtown and technology today as close together as in Amsterdam Light Festival.

8 Reasons to visit Amsterdam Light Festival 2016

Does the above you are not yet convinced of the Amsterdam Light Festival? We like to give you the final push and eight tips put on a list to visit Amsterdam Light Festival.

#1: More signups than ever

For this anniversary edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival enrolled more artists than ever. No less than 500 46 works from countries registered for the event. The arduous task to end up here on the jury to select the actual participants of the festival.

#2: Second most popular free festival

With no less than 730 thousand visitors at the last edition, it is Amsterdam Light Festival in second place when it comes to popular free festivals in the Netherlands! If you have never been, then it is an absolute must. Only the Nijmegen Marches festivals annually attract more visitors.

#3: See the work of leading architects

The fifth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival visitors can admire light works by some architects. As the leading Dutch agencies UNStudio and Benthem Crouwel Architects participate. But also to see light projects from America (Choi + Shine Architects) and even from Singapore (DP Architects).

#4: Single European light festival experience by boat

Nowhere else in Europe will you find light festivals that can be admired from the water. A cruise through the canals of Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Light Festival is a very special experience. Book your tickets for a Amsterdam Light Festival tour and experience the art of light near the water!

#5: Gorgeous route: 'A view on Amsterdam'

The Watercolors route this year's slogan "A view on Amsterdam. Artists are encouraged to give a new look at our capital city and its architecture, and future role on the world stage. Each artist interprets the theme in a unique way, sometimes historic, futuristic or with a good dose of humor and irony. The result you discover at best with Amsterdam Light Festival tour.

#6: Make the most beautiful hike of the year: Biomimicry

The trail Illuminade This year the theme of biomimicry. Biomimicry is the science which ideas are applied from nature to solve problems. Biomimicry is not something of the past few years, we get many centuries our inspiration from nature. However, an increasing number of disciplines consciously use. Biomimicry into concrete objects translate is already difficult, let alone design a light sculpture. Nevertheless, the artists have succeeded.

#7: More than 35 light art!

The Amsterdam Light Festival is growing, evidenced by everything. So this year there are more than 35 light works by finding the center of Amsterdam. Unique designs are interactive, where it is sometimes even possible to walk through the light artwork. Dotted yourself your walking route along the most impressive works, or take a canal tour of Amsterdam Light Festival to see the works on the water close.

#8: New: primary school children also look for a light work out!

Not only does the organization had his hands full in order to determine what may actually participate in the 500 submissions to the festival. For the first time if there is a children's jury this year thinking about what they are working like to see in their city. was selected one of light art in this way on behalf of all primary schools in Amsterdam!

Make sure you do not miss this unique event, prick a date in your calendar and enjoy the Amsterdam city like never before. Learn more about Amsterdam Light Festival? See here the official website of Amsterdam Light Festival.

Amterdam buy tickets online

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