23 June 2018

The famous Flower Market in the world

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Flower Market Amsterdam

When you start a day trip to Amsterdam would the flower market do not forget. This typical little market is a tourist attraction and the ideal place to buy a nice bunch of tulips. The flower market is comfortable central in the city, the canal walk past a huge number of stalls selling the finest assortments of flowers and bulbs. Coming in December? You can also purchase your Christmas tree here.

History of the flower market

This gigantic flower and plant market has its origins in early 19e century. Through the centuries, this market often repositioned and today is the flower market located on the canal in the center of Amsterdam. The market stalls are located on the boats floating in the canal. Previously there were only flowers and plants sold in this market today, most stalls specialize. Largely tulips and souvenirs are sold.


Tulips still attract the most attention of foreign tourists. The marketers of the flower market play well with this. These tulips are sold in all shapes, colors and sizes. Black, curly or dotted tulips are all found on the flower market. Tulips souvenirs are also found in large numbers.

Access flower market

Access to the flower market is free. Due to great interest and crowds, it is recommended to visit the market early. So you can walk quietly on the market and see everything.

Amsterdam flower market is a real eyecatcher of the city. The typical boat stalls and abundance of tulips is not just for foreign tourists a true experience, even for Dutch people is the Amsterdam flower market a real day out. Free admission and extended opening hours make sure you have down there when you're in Amsterdam. The flower market is central to the city and is well served by public transport.

Opening Flower Market

Monday 8: 30 - 19: 00 hours
Tuesday 8: 30 - 19: 00 hours
Wednesday 8: 30 - 19: 00 hours
Thursday 8: 30 - 19: 00 hours
Friday 8: 30 - 19: 00 hours
Saturday 8: 30 - 19: 30 hours
Sunday 8: 30 - 19: 30 hours

Address Flower Market

Singel 630 / 600 1017 AZ Amsterdam

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