18 June 2018

Klimhal Amsterdam

The climbing gym has a climbing wall area of ​​about 3300 m2. This is the largest climbing gym in all of Benlux! The climbing walls you can try ± 300 300 routes and boulders. Equipping all efforts [...]

On safari in the backyard of Amsterdam

During Wetlands Safari, already 20 years running, canoe you with a guide through the 17de-century landscape, a village with houses almost floating on the water. Among sailing you enjoy all [...]

KINboat cruise with dinner or drinks

The new boat in Amsterdam KINboat, the newest company of Amsterdam, with a mission to sail in the canals of Amsterdam to a higher level lift and more accessible to local Amsterdammers, businesses, tourists and [...]

TonTon Club, play games in Amsterdam

The TonTon club is a true paradise games. Between pinball, arcade games and computer games everyone feels a child again. Play in arcade of TonTon Club behind the old church is an awesome experience. [...]

Pure Amsterdam hikes

When the sun shines, there is nothing better than a walk through Amsterdam. A city with history. With its stately palaces, impressive canals and eccentrics that street life 'spice up' it's like a big [...]

Experience Amsterdam Yellow Bike

Yellow Bike has since 1990 an understanding in the field of guided tours in Amsterdam. Quality, customer focus and fun, are highly valued by the more than sixty enthusiastic staff. are specially designed Yellow Bikes [...]

Shudder at the Amsterdam Dungeon

Amsterdam is a busy, bustling city where you all can see and do. The museums in this city are world famous, and draw daily crowds of tourists. A very special attraction is the Amsterdam [...]

Cruises through Amsterdam

Who says Amsterdam, thinks immediately to the canals. The Amsterdam canals consisting of 165 different canals and in the past had an important economic function. By transporting commodities and trade that flourished [...]

Planetarium Amsterdam

Anyone who knows a bit Amsterdam, knows the Artis Zoo is located in this city. Many Dutch people here sometimes paid a visit and marvel at the hill all exotic animals [...]

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