24 June 2018

Allard Pierson Museum

The Allard Pierson Museum is more than just a museum. Outside a collection of original archaeological objects located permanently in the museum, there are also regular exhibitions that are temporarily visible. This [...]

Amsterdam Expo

Exhibitions in Amsterdam Amsterdam Expo Expo has a lot of great and popular exhibitions to the Netherlands. For example, the exhibition on the Titanic. An informative exhibition about the disaster of the Titanic. [...]

Sex Museum Amsterdam

Amsterdam sex museum or also known as the "temple of Venus" is the first and the oldest sex museum in history. The Sex Museum offers you everything based on sensual love with an extensive collection of [...]

Anne Frank House

The girl Anne Frank on June 12 1929 born in the German town of Frankfurt am Main. At the time that Anne Frank was born, she had a sister Margot who was then three years [...]

ARCAM museum

ARCAM was founded in 1986 as foundation and focuses its activities mainly around Amsterdam. This foundation aims to reach as many people to increase support for the architecture. Their goal is to ensure [...]

The Diamond Museum

Amsterdam has many museums that tell the history of this sparkling capital. Right across from the Rijksmuseum you will find an example of such a gem; The Diamond Museum. In this museum you can learn all [...]

Museum Ship

Museum Ship, in a working class neighborhood in Amsterdam West you find a museum dedicated to the architectural style, the Amsterdam School. The characteristic property of this style you will learn everything about the origins [...]

Torture Museum

Amsterdam is known for its lively shopping streets, busy cafes and beautiful canals. In addition you will also find numerous museums that like to show off the rich history of this beautiful capital city. Yet there is one museum [...]

Cobra Museum of Modern Art

Just outside our capital you will find the Cobra Museum. Art lovers can indulge in our country. In the Netherlands are several galleries and art museums. The Cobra Museum is a wonderful museum in [...]

Electric Ladyland

Been to Electric Ladyland, you can admire genuine fluorescent art, but you can also participate in the arts. Visitors during the visit to the museum a part of a piece of art. The beginning of Electric Ladyland in [...]

Riding in style at the Hollandsche Manege

When you think of a good location for an equestrian center, then the center of Amsterdam probably not come to mind. Yet it is possible. Vondelstraat 140, adjacent to the Vondelpark and close to the Leidseplein, the [...]

The story of the East Indiaman Amsterdam

It is 1748. The VOC shipyard in Amsterdam built a new ship. The East Indiaman Amsterdam is an East Indiaman and will be responsible after its completion for the transport of goods and people. Around the turn of the year [...]

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