November 23 2017

A visit to Amsterdam? As you read in

Cozy up to the capital of the Netherlands; Amsterdam. But what can you do here and what is interesting to know. Here is a brief introduction for when you go to Amsterdam. The city of [...]

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Jordan is perhaps the most famous neighborhood in Amsterdam. You come to the district in many different nostalgic songs, series and books. In the course of time has changed considerably Jordan. True [...]

The Interesting History of Amsterdam

Amsterdam got its name thanks to the built dam on the Amstel River. Amsterdam's nickname, Mokum, Hebrew for city. End 16e century there were many Jews in Amsterdam, will be much [...]

KINboat cruise with dinner or drinks

The new boat in Amsterdam KINboat, the newest company of Amsterdam, with a mission to sail in the canals of Amsterdam to a higher level lift and more accessible to local Amsterdammers, businesses, tourists and [...]

TonTon Club, play games in Amsterdam

The TonTon club is a true paradise games. Between pinball, arcade games and computer games everyone feels a child again. Play in arcade of TonTon Club behind the old church is an awesome experience. [...]

OT301, creativity is speaking

In the building of the former Amsterdam Film Academy now Locate OT301. This cultural working community is home to several workplaces, including galleries, studios and rehearsal rooms. Also you can find vegan cuisine here, where you can enjoy [...]

Damrak, grand entrance

The Damrak, from here starts the 'Red Carpet' that leads visitors from the station to the Weteringcircuit. Houses with a water sidewalk Where can you find a busy shopping street, tram cars and shoppers flooded [...]

Warmoesstraat, a special transformation

Warmoesstraat has an extraordinary transformation of space for vegetable trade to popular entertainment area for gay men. Yet this somewhat extravagant street hides beautiful historical treasures. A walk through the Warmoesstraat is for lovers [...]

Leidseplein - A square full of fun

The Leidseplein is a busy square at the end of the Amsterdam canals. The square is a popular nightlife area. You can also find several cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and theaters. The clubbers will probably not [...]

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