18 June 2018

Tea Bar, for true tea lovers

As a true tea lovers founders Sara and Fenje missed a store specializing in tea. '' How nice it would be to create an environment where you can pick your favorite flavors quiet? '' Said the friends together. [...]

Noordermarkt, a piece of history

At the foot of the Noorderkerk is the North Market. The North Market is the second oldest market still exists. The Nieuwmarkt is only a few years older than the North Market. To be precise, [...]

The Dappermarkt

For over one hundred years, the Dappermarkt weekly open Monday through Saturday and today is that nine to five. The market is the most visited attraction in the [...]

Waterloo Square

Waterloo Square is a famous square in Amsterdam six days a week, a flea market is held with a variety of stuff. they act in old books, second hand clothes, bicycles and much more. With [...]

The famous Nine streets

Bring your visiting Amsterdam, walking certainly agree with the famous nine streets. Whether you like shopping, culture, something tasty something to eat or drink in the streets is [...]

Shopping in the Kalverstraat

The now ancient Kalverstraat, located in the heart of the capital, Amsterdam, is one of the most famous shopping streets in the Netherlands. The street is exclusively accessible to pedestrians and runs from the dam to the [...]

Magna Plaza, the jewel of Amsterdam

Magna Plaza The former main post office in Amsterdam, just behind the dam. A gigantic building with beautiful architecture. Even if you do not come there for shopping that's about it for the neo-styles [...]

Primark for bargain hunters

A paradise for bargain hunters a hip originating Irish shop that's grown over the years into a store. In 1969 the first Primark opened in Dublin. At the time was the [...]

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