23 June 2018

Club Studio 80

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80 studio is located in Amsterdam Rembrandt 17. The location is walking, and public transport easily accessible. Many young people who want to get a good night for studio 80. Why? It's a great place, which is a very nice and good atmosphere, and in addition there is good dance music where you go nuts on you. It is mainly played house and techno.

Studio 80 committed to the promotion of contemporary electronic music

There are all kinds of studio 80 flow followed in the dance music. One of the main functions of studio 80 is therefore to be the "breeding ground" for all dance music. Especially for DJs, live bands fat, or music producers. It is also true that studio 80 offers many opportunities for those who are not yet so very familiar, but which have great music. If you Studio 80 approaches and some great music you send it, the chances are that they ask you if you want to pass once to turn on some music. This way you can start to career 80 studio in Amsterdam.

Studio 80 of Wednesday / Saturday open. On Friday and Saturday is the busiest. There is a capacity for 600 people and the club consists of 2 rooms. On days when it's quieter there will 1 room open so the atmosphere at all times is busy. The better-known DJs or bands usually come at the weekend but the emerging artists as guests often amazed at their talent. Studio 80 well knows who they invite to enthuse the audience.

Amterdam buy tickets online

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