23 June 2018

Gay pride is one big party!

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Gay Pride in Amsterdam

Gay Pride is every year a fascinating topic that all inspired during a weekend of homosexuality. The foundation behind the Gay Pride is a non-profit organization that has only one purpose and that is in fact striving for social equality and acceptance of gay men and lesbians. To achieve acceptance in this difficult world is the visibility and diversity of utmost importance to express their world. It organizes activities for the public to also make clear to the public who we are, we are all equal.

Since 1996 a hot item

Since 1996 when the first Gay Pride was held in the city of Amsterdam, one could not imagine that it would ever be one of the most popular events of the Netherlands and beyond. Elsewhere place in the world where the Gay Pride, countless protests, but this is not to be found in Netherlands. Here everyone celebrates with the party nor gay men and lesbians are not bags in large numbers to witness one big party event. Each year during the Canal Road on the boat you will find some well-known Dutchman who it is partying to the music. The Canal route is also the highlight of the Gay Pride. This leaves the Westerdok and ends at the Oosterdok.

Gay Pride program

It used to take the Gay Pride but a little weekend and now the gay pride takes over a big week. On Friday and Saturday are several large and small parties place in the bars. Besides the small caféfeestjes find there sports and cultural activities and always on the Sunday morning there is a popular pink church. The name of the pink church comes from the fact that gay men and lesbians say Pink Saturday of the Gay Pride. The closing party on Sunday took place until 2010 in the square at the Stopera and since 2011 find the closing ceremony held on Rembrandt Square.

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Gay Pride in August

The annual recurring Gay Pride takes place from July to 23 7 2016 August.
Before that there are many people who descend on Amsterdam to do all along to the smaller parties in bars and clubs.

One family, one party.

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