25 May 2018

Brewing beer at the Heineken Experience

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From brewery to Heineken Experience

The building where the museum is located in, the very building where Heineken was in her early years. The building was realized in 1867 and 1988 to functioned as a brewery. A few years later in 1991 was demolished part of complex and opened in the remaining part is a reception and information center.

In 2001 the name changed Heineken Experience. In October 2007, the museum was closed for renovation and reopened its doors to the public in November 3 2008. In 2009 was given a Heineken Experience Thea Nature in the category of Brand Experience. Heineken Experience

Discover the Heineken museum

The whole museum is decorated in the four floors of the old Heineken brewery. During several tours guides will tell you all about how his first Heineken beer has come up to the production increasing. Learn in a few hours the different facets of the beer brand and the innovations of the one and only Heineken lab.

Taste the Heineken taste and do not forget to take a look at the old brewery. If you are past the old brewery, you can make your own music video Heineken and see the well-preserved commercials during the exhibition 140 years Heineken. Disability can reach any place in the museum properly. During the renovation was well thought to have enough space for people in wheelchairs. Heineken Experience

Brew your own beer at the Heineken Experience

During the tour you can discover something special. You can personally experience how it feels to be brewed and bottled thanks to technology and machines that can mimic the feeling. If all that were not enough, you can make yourself an own Heineken beer brewing and bottling your own personalized bottle.

The history of Heineken

1864 is an important year in the history of Heineken. Gerard Adriaan Heineken buys 15 February haystack in Amsterdam. That time was called, was the second Golden Age and in no time, Gerard is a successful business with. At that time, Heineken & Co was born.

Later in 1873 Gerard founded the brewery Maatschappij NV better known as the name HBM. In 1867 Gerard started to build a new brewery at Stadhouderskade. Later that year there was a new brewery in Rotterdam which is located on the Crooswijkse girth. In 1889 Heineken was at the World Exhibition in Paris a diploma called "Grand Prix". Earlier in 1875 Heineken won the first gold medal for quality beer. Now the two prices listed on the label of each bottle of Heineken.

Heineken Experience

In 1933 puts Heineken foot in America

This year was a black year for the Company Gerard Adriaan Heineken dies suddenly at 18 March and leave a strong company after that in the year 2015 still market shares of beer in hands. In 1914 another director is appointed and guides on its way, the company expertly by the First World War and by the serious crisis in 1930.

Heineken takes first set foot in America in 1933 and that year the market share of Heineken rose sharply thanks to cooperation with the Americans. No one could suspect that the Americans were drinking Heineken and water. In 1939 immediately evident at the fair was that Heineken was a gold resource to invest. Shareholders immediately earned considerable money on beer and Netherlands sees increase its chances thanks to the company.

Alfred Heineken put the success formula by

Alfred Heineken enter into 1964 as main driver inside and put the success formula through. This year Heineken logo was transformed into the smiling 'e' as we know it today. When Alfred came to power, he invested heavily in commercials and advertisements of excellence.

Over the years, Heineken took over several companies such as Vrumona which emerged from fruit lemonade. In 2014 150 fourth Heineken her anniversary which was celebrated exuberantly. Heineken is the day one of the largest brewers in the world and has a whopping 165 breweries spread over 71 countries. Heineken and Doderer

Visit the Heineken shop

After the visit to the Heineken museum you will have the opportunity to visit the only real and Heineken shop. In this shop you can not just buy a minute fast only beer, no, there is still much more to discover. Really Heineken course you do not drink out of plastic cups, but from real hip Heineken glass.

If you're a true fan of Heineken, you still wear occasionally definitely a genuine Heineken polo or T-shirt. Who has a real home-style bar, Heineken will be able to replenish its collection with the real Heineken bar products. Outside this can get you a thousand and one accessories in the house. If you attended Heineken museum, you'll never have to drink another beer brand.

Opening Heineken Experience

Monday 10: 30 - 19: 30 hours
Tuesday 10: 30 - 19: 30 hours
Wednesday 10: 30 - 19: 30 hours
Thursday 10: 30 - 19: 30 hours
Friday 10: 30 - 21: 00 hours
Saturday 10: 30 - 21: 00 hours
Sunday 10: 30 - 21: 00 hours

* July and August Monday to Sunday 10: 30 to 21: 00 hours.

Entrance Heineken Experience

regular € 18, - (online € 16)
Children 0-11 year Freebies
Children 12-17 year € 12,50
VIP tour incl. 5 premium beers € 49,00
Rembrandt Map na
Museumkaart na
Seniors 65 + na

Accessibility Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are available free of charge but must be booked in advance via [email protected] 48 hours. When you visit, you can better Saturdays vermeiden the Heineken Experience with the wheelchair because it is very busy.

Heineken Experience Address

Stadhouderskade 78
1072 AE Amsterdam

Central Station in Amsterdam, the walk about half an hour.

To get there quickly from the station you can easily tram 16, 24 and 25 take. From the Leidseplein in Amsterdam you can take tram 7 and 10 steps with the Canal Boat. The tram stop is right outside the door.

If you come by car, take exit S10 from the Ring A110. Keep the plates but the direction of the center and the parking garage you will see at the Stadhouderskade. The garage is located about a 50 meters from the museum.

Amterdam buy tickets online


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