19 June 2018

The story of Moses and Aaron Church

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The Moses and Aaron Church

a day of culture can not be without a visit to a church. At the Waterloo you will find the impressive Moses and Aaron Church. Like the Catholics church has a remarkable history dating back to the seventeenth century despite its modern appearance. It has a special story that will aanpreken many people, religious or not religious.

Moyses and Aron

The history of Moses and Aaron Church begins in the mid-seventeenth century. In 1649 was founded a mission in the house 'Moyses. The mission was dedicated to the holy Saint Anthony. In 1682 the two neighboring houses were purchased there. One of these houses was called home 'Aron'. The three warehouses animal behind layers were bought. These six sites were merged into a Catholic church house. The house church has been able to do two centuries of service until it was time for something new.

The church was demolished and rebuilt in to 1837 1841. Officially, the new church called the Church of St. Anthony of Padua, but because of the houses that were originally is better known as the Moses and Aaron Church.

construction Waterloo

The Moses and Aaron Church stood after its construction in a beautiful spot. The fact stood at the intersection of the Leprozengracht with Houtgracht. The facade reflected thereby in the water. The construction of the Waterloo However, to achieve the two canals were filled in 1882. The market Jodenbreestraat moved to this new square, which the church literally the market had been lying in his front yard. Nearly a century later, the block next to the Moses and Aaron Church was demolished for the construction of the Mr. Visserplein. This allows the church was situated in the middle point of two squares.

New destination

The Moses and Aaron Church has since 1990, after restoration, got a social cultural destination. This is partly why the inside of the church is not designed as a typical church from the seventeenth century. With white walls and light wood flooring, the church has a modern and airy feel.

Another Roman Catholic Church

Since 2014 the Moses and Aaron Church is again included in use as a church. The foundation of the building was using could no longer afford the rent, which the international Sant'Egidio lay movement could take over. Sant'Egidio has restored the Moses and Aaron Church in his original role. It is a church with a strong Catholic character and committed to help and assist the poor, the lonely and the homeless.

Moses and Aaron Church


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