26 May 2018

Learn more about Eduard Douwes Dekker in the Multatuli Museum

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Multatuli Museum, Multatuli is the pseudonym of Eduard Douwes Dekker. He is the author of the famous book Max Havelaar making it the largest Dutch writer of the nineteenth century. The Multatuli museum is set in the ancient birthplace of Eduard Douwes Dekker. In this museum you can learn all about this controversial writer. The Multatuli museum is not accessible for disabled

Eduard Douwes Dekker

Edward was on March 2 1820 born on Korsjespoortsteeg 20 in Amsterdam. Young Edward soon proved to be an intelligent boy with a critical attitude. When he was eighteen, he left for the Dutch East Indies, where he went to work in the NCA. He was good at his job and soon made promotion, but the work did not suit him. Moreover, he was considered "unmanly" designated by Governor General Michiels because of a shortage and then temporarily suspended. Out of frustration, he has focused on writing. In just one month, he wrote the draft of Max Havelaar, in which he denounced the treatment of the local population by the directors. He put so many hours at a time in which even his eyes were inflamed. A few months later, the book was published and was an immediate success. Multatuli has subsequently written other works, but unfortunately they are not so popular.

The name Multatuli

Eduard Douwes Dekker pseudonym chosen deliberately. It is a contraction of the Latin words "multa" and "tuli. Together they mean "I've worn a lot." Eduard is referring to his difficult time in the Dutch East Indies. He was not happy with what he did, and lived in poverty during his suspension. In addition, it was because of the nature of Max Havelaar safer for Eduard to publish the book under a pseudonym.

Tasks of the Multatuli Museum

The Multatuli museum has four tasks:Eduard Douwes Dekker

  • A visit to the Multatuli house you can still learn much more about this controversial writer. Through an exhibition you can see personal belongings and utensils of Multatuli. A guide will tell you more about his life and work.
  • You can take a walk through Amsterdam, which places indicated were important to Multatuli.
  • The Multatuli museum continues to collect books and other printed material, preserve and make available. The study around Multatuli is thus supported and promoted.
  • The above comes together in the task of providing information about Multatuli, and organizing activities.

Opening Multatuli Museum

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday 12: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Sunday 12: 00 - 17: 00 hours


Groups can by appointment on other days.

Admission Multatuli house

In power for groups price on request.

Accessibility Multatuli house

The museum is not accessible to disabled people.

Address Multatuli Museum

Korsjespoortsteeg 20 1015 AR Amsterdam (5-minute walk from Central Station)

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