22 June 2018

Museum - the cultural hotspot

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The largest museum in the Netherlands; the Rijksmuseum state here, but it Van Gogh Museum, The municipal museum and the Concert Hall You can find this square. Millions of visitors annually attract to Museumplein to visit various places of interest or to attend one of the many festivities in held here regularly.

From farm to museumplein

Before the end of the 19e century stood on this spot only a few farms. After the city council decided that this area should be an area of ​​arts and culture, there was 1885 opened the new building of the National Museum. Ten years later the Museum was introduced. In 1973 was between the two major museums opened the Van Gogh Museum.

The Museum has Alternating functions

The museum has always been a favorite meeting place for the people of Amsterdam as the tourists visiting our capital. The huge lawn invites you to relax, picnic or play. Ever since the creation of the museum is here played soccer, played basketball and under the trees one can enjoy a game of petanque. Nowadays, there may be a special square with a half pipe, where they go for skaters and BMX riders to practice their sport.

Previously, the traffic here could proceed, but since the remodeling that took place before the millennium walk there only paths through the square.

skating museumplein On the square was built a beautiful pond, which is transformed every winter for ice skating. You can sit down at one of the many outdoor cafes and a museum shop on the square that you can visit if you're looking for a nice souvenir. Here are sold under posters and other cards, as well as other gadgets that have to do with the surrounding museums or our capital in general.

The museum has been used since the beginning for various events. The Uitmarkt is held annually here, and national celebrations such as King's Day is celebrated extensively in this place. At the museum were frequently held large demonstrations, but because over the years, quite a few disturbances were the City of Amsterdam has been here put a stop to. The museum should be an oasis of peace and culture. Demonstrations, but also concerts and festivals should be held elsewhere in the city.

Skating on the Museumplein

Buildings on the Museumplein

On the square you can find two monuments. The first monument is the Ravensbrück Memorial. It is put down in memory of the women who died during the Second World War in this concentration camp for women. Also you will find the Gypsy Monument here. Because the Nazis were keeping no record of the murders were committed on the Gypsies, no one knows exactly how many Gypsies were killed during World War II. This monument is a tribute to all the killed Roma and Sinti gypsies.

accessibility Museumplein

You can find the museum in the district south of Amsterdam, which is easily accessible by public transport. Several tram and bus routes have a stop at the museum. From the main train station has two bus lines and two tram lines to the museum. If you decide to visit the museum by car, you can park your car in the huge Q-park garage situated underneath the museum.

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