19 June 2018

The famous Nine streets

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nine streets

Bring your visiting Amsterdam, walking certainly agree with the famous nine streets. Whether you like shopping, culture, something tasty something to eat or drink in the streets, it is all possible.

Where to find the nine streets

The nine streets are located in the Amsterdam canals. Actually, just behind the Royal Palace, between the canal and the Raadhuisstraat. So they are side streets of the Keizersgracht, the Prinsengracht and the Herengracht. The names of the streets themselves are: Reestraat, Hart Street, Gasthuismolensteeg, Berenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Old Spiegelstraat, Runstraat, Huidenstraat and wide Heisteeg.

The history of the Nine streets

It's been seen in the names of the streets that took place earlier everything in the houses and on the streets of this district. The names remind namely the trades carried out such 400 years ago. You can for example think of editing bear skins and wolf skins. The houses date from the first half of the century 17e and trade, crafts and culture performed when predominates in this area. It mainly wealthier merchant families who lived in these characteristic buildings and worked. They called that time was not for nothing that the Golden Age and Amsterdam knew when much wealth and prosperity.

Who is Djoeke Wessing

You may think: why exactly this 9 streets, there are surely more specific streets in Amsterdam. This initiative came in the nineties with the entrepreneur Djoeke Wessing from. She wanted in this district of Amsterdam like the same name and allure as for example in the Jordaan district. In this way they hoped not only to get more cooperation between entrepreneurs of each other, but above all to get more tourists to the, until then relatively unknown part of Amsterdam. In November 1996 ultimately through her association "The 9 streets" formed with quite a number of retailers that had been established in nine streets. Few people were happy with this name, but because Djoeke Wessing concept was coined, retained this name anyway.

authentic shops

Are you looking for something special or something original in fashion or gifts, you certainly succeed in one of the quaint shops and boutiques in this part of Amsterdam. Together can be found here more than 180 shops and restaurants. Wear you like something different and sundry, then look around the Huidenstraat at "Donna Fiera". Are you an avid fan of copper and second, take a look at the Wolvenstraat at "Laura Dols." Are you absolutely love shoes, apply sure to visit "Antonia" in Gasthuismolensteeg. And between shopping you can enjoy the beautiful facades and appearance of the listed buildings. Want afterwards tasty food or drink, you can also fine strokes in the nine streets.

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  1. You want to go shopping, but you are a little averse to the large chain stores. You do not want the mega stores in the main shopping and is looking for small, original and exclusive shops. 9 in the streets, in a beautiful part of Amsterdam's center, you'll find exactly the shops.

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