23 June 2018

Noorderkerk church with a typical Protestant floor plan

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Noorderkerk Amsterdam

The architect Hendrick de Keyser, which lived from 1565-1621, has designed the Noorderkerk. The church was built between 1620 and 1623 during a major urban expansion. When the architect died in 1621, his son Peter and a number of other carpenters completed work. In addition, they received a lot of support from the City of Amsterdam. The church is built mainly with the aim of the people of the Western Canal and Jordan to provide a Protestant church. The people of Jordan felt westerkerk too far away and wanted a church in their own neighborhood.

The Noorderkerk is also used for community activities and cultural events

style Noorderkerk

Very special in the design Hendrick de Keyser made of this church, the floor plan was. namely the North Church was the first church built according to the plan of a Greek - or St. Andrew's Cross. This means that the arms of the cross are exactly the same length. In this way the church could be built around the pulpit with the Bible as its centerpiece. This was at that time very important for the Protestants. There are today still find quite a number of original features in the church building. So there's the plastering of the walls of the seventeenth century, the marble base of the pulpit and the dark oak see that in quite a number of pews. The Noorderkerk floor is also important to mention here, because this floor until today is a completely intact gravestones field. Under each tombstone are probably buried about five people.


Partly because the church is built in such a short time, were later required regularly restorations. The last thorough restoration took place between 1993 and 1998. The heating system is then for example, overhauled and refurbished it has eg the side rooms. This restoration was funded in large part by the municipality of Amsterdam and the rich. Condition it was that the church would now also available for all kinds of cultural activities. For example, regular concerts are held in the Noorderkerk.

Originally the church was lit by candles copper crowns. In 1827 one is transferred to oil lamps. In 1849 was replaced by the construction of gas lighting. Later it was transferred to the church on electric lighting, but the original gas taps are still visible.

The organ in the Noorderkerk

In the nineteenth century the famous organ builder H.Knipscheer designed an organ for the Noorderkerk. This organ is the largest built by the brothers Knipp. Quite unique is that organ is centrally located and so very nice fit in the interior. The organ depends half against the preekstoel.In 1849 the organ was inaugurated. A nice touch is that the blind organist of the Old Church first allowed to play the organ.


The Noorderkerk is equipped with a small celebration tower which was built by the city carpenter Henry Jacobz Staets and the city mason of that time, Cornelis Danckerts.

Opening Noorderkerk

Monday 10.30-12.30 hours
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday 11.00-13.00 hours
Sunday church services

address Noorderkerk

Noordermarkt 48
1015 NA, Amsterdam

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