23 June 2018

Discover the best restaurants in Amsterdam

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Traditional dutch medieval buildings in Amsterdam

The capital Amsterdam is no coincidence tourist attraction number 1. But apart from the endless shopping opportunities, important monuments and buildings, Amsterdam has numerous restaurants. Of small restaurants in the cozy streets to top restaurants in prominent neighborhoods. A great way to get to know several of these restaurants and Amsterdam now also be seen in another way, by a culinary walk in Amsterdam to make.

There are more than 1300 restaurants in Amsterdam, so there is plenty to choose from. Different cuisines and nationalities are well represented and you can also once again choose between formal and informal. But how do you make a good choice among all those Restaurants in Amsterdam? What suits your taste and your budget? You can finally eat in only one restaurant at a time.

You do not have to limit your choice to one restaurant

A culinary walk through Amsterdam takes you through different restaurants where you can get a delicious dish in every restaurant and an excellent wine which suits the dish. At your own pace as you in an afternoon so walking along the roughly seven course of your dinner and make you a different way to know Amsterdam. Easier and better is almost impossible.


Hiking and in between enjoying delicious dishes

Want to see more of Amsterdam and discover new restaurants and dishes, then a culinary stroll ideal. Make a reservation online and walk on the selected date with your own company from restaurant to restaurant. A lovely relaxing afternoon, good food and good wine. An excellent activities Sunday in Amsterdam. Ideal as an end to a weekend in Amsterdam, or if you have your own town and restaurants even want to see in a different way.

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Amterdam buy tickets online

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