23 June 2018

OT301, creativity is speaking

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In the building of the former Amsterdam Film Academy now Locate OT301. This cultural working community is home to several workplaces, including galleries, studios and rehearsal rooms.

You will also find a vegan kitchen, where you can enjoy a healthy vegan meal in a relaxed setting.

Rooms in the building can also be rented for various events.

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Squatters from the old film school support here since 1999 non commercial artists and musicians by giving them a platform. Today, the squatters the rightful owner of the property has become a well-organized and OT301 cultural center where a lot is possible for creative people.

One of the distinguished projects is OT301 The pepper. Get vegan and organic meals served with multicultural influences. The catering facility is run by volunteers. You decide what you paid for this meal, but is common between the 6 and 10 euros.

Entertainment is also available in the form of exhibitions and performances may be given here. The ventilation chamber is located in the space formerly came out all the ducting of the building. Today it is a space that can be rented for various purposes, such as workshops, lectures, brainstorming sessions and other small projects. you have great views from the Ventilation Room on Vondelpark and is therefore an ideal place to creativity speak. Twice a week, the ventilation chamber is used as a cinema bar.


OT 301 is easily accessible by public transport. tackle from Central Station you 1 tram and get off at Overtoom / Jan Peter Heijestraat. The entrance is OT301 10 meters away. If you want to visit the site by car then visit the address Overtoom 301. Please note that there are few parking spaces in the city center and parking here is not cheap.

Amterdam buy tickets online

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