18 June 2018

Parking at Schiphol

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If you go on holiday early in the morning or at night, it is of course not that easy to reach the airport by public transport, so that sometimes the only possibilities are actually only to call a taxi or drive yourself. If you are lucky, one of your friends or relatives can bring you. In case you drive to the airport yourself there are a number of options that you can choose from if you want to leave the car close to Schiphol.

Parking at Schiphol Airport

If you are looking for a parking space at Schiphol before you go on holiday by plane, it is useful to arrange this some time in advance. There are many parking providers, but there are also many people who go on holiday, especially during the holiday periods. It is also the case that certain parking providers may give a discount if you request the parking space early.
Of course it is not so easy to find a good parking provider with reasonable prices, besides, you obviously want your car to be safe. That is why there are online comparators for it parking at Schiphol where you can easily view the different parking providers to make your own choice.

Shuttle Parking or Valet Parking

If you want to go for luxury, it is possible to drive to the right terminal by car, take the luggage out of the trunk and then give the car to an employee of the parking provider who drives it to the right parking place and then takes care of the car until you are back from vacation, this is called Valet Parking. With Shuttle Parking you drive to the right parking place where you can park your car and then take the Shuttle bus to the right terminal, this takes a bit longer than Valet Parking, but it probably saves you some money. Hopefully this article has taught you more about parking at Schiphol and other airports and you can enjoy your holiday without worry.

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