23 June 2018

The Portuguese Synagogue, also called 'Snoge'

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Portuguese Synagogue

The Portuguese Synagogue has for centuries been a decisive atmosphere building in the center of Amsterdam. The building - in Amsterdam circles also called Snoge '- lies at the Mr. Fisherman's Square and adjacent to the Jonas Daniel Meyer Square and Waterloo Square. Previously, the center was the Jewish neighborhood. The block-shaped and in classical style building still serves as a synagogue. The Portuguese Synagogue is open to visitors. It's worth it to take a closer look, the decor is beautiful.

The history of the Portuguese Synagogue

After around 1500 the entire Jewish community in the Iberian peninsula was forced to be baptized many Jews left for Antwerp itself. In 1585 came to this city in the hands of the Spaniards after which many Jews moved to Amsterdam. In 1670 they got permission to build what is now to start the Portuguese Synagogue. The 'Snoge' was inaugurated on August 2 1675.

Although many Jews in Amsterdam were deported during World War II, the Portuguese Synagogue has admirably withstood well the war. The property is undamaged and the synagogue is not plundered by the Germans. Therefore still the interior dates from the time of construction. Even the enormous brass candle crowns are still original.

The library

Almost every Amsterdam knows the Portuguese Synagogue. The library located in the outbuildings Ets Haim Less is known. This library was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003. In total, the collection of more than 30.000 500 books and manuscripts. Who wants to know about Jewish history, literature and science, can not ignore this library.

Alterations to the Portuguese Synagogue

A building that is almost 350 years old, need the necessary maintenance. Similarly, the Portuguese Synagogue. In 1993 a major renovation was completed. In particular, the roof was in a deplorable state. The construction of a road the property was also somewhat subsided. During the renovation were therefore restored the facades, roof structure and wall anchors. In 2010 was again a new - started rebuilding with the aim of making the property suitable for the general public - smaller.



Now the Portuguese Synagogue is a multifunctional building. Still find the Portuguese Jewish community services instead. The house and outbuildings are a collection of about 800 ceremonial objects will view can be daily. Familiar Finally monthly candlelight concerts.

Opening hours

To visit the Portuguese Synagogue has a ticket for the Jewish Cultural Quarter required.

Thus t / m Thu:
February - november 10.00- 17.00
December January 10.00- 16.00
March - October 10.00- 16.00
november - February 10.00- 14.00

Address Portuguese Synagogue

Mr. Visserplein 3
1019 RD Amsterdam


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