24 June 2018

Cruises through Amsterdam

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Who says Amsterdam, thinks immediately to the canals. The Amsterdam canals consisting of 165 different canals and in the past had an important economic function. By transporting commodities and trade that flourished along the canals of Amsterdam was the most important city that it is still today. The canals in Amsterdam have grown into one of the main tourist attractions of Amsterdam. That the Amsterdam canal currently has earned a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List so no surprise.

The emergence of the canal

The history of the canals begins in the Golden Age. Originally, this network of waterways was developed for purely practical reasons, but later grew into one of the most beautiful places in the world. When stopped wealthy citizens of the world trade money in the construction of buildings along the canals was a very characteristic environment. Herengracht, Singel, the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht canals are a feast for the eye and leave no one untouched.

Canals of Amsterdam

Several boat tours in Amsterdam

The best way to discover all the beauty and admire is a cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. Such a tour offered by various tour operators and is available in multiple languages ​​and species. Tourists can choose from several departure points along the canals. They can choose from a short tour of 60 minutes, a full day combined with stops where a part of the city visited on foot or ... There are a lot of choices for those who like visiting Amsterdam or discovered through the canals.

Cruise with food

It is impossible to enumerate all the possibilities. Whoever finds it important to explore the beautiful buildings in all their glory, should opt for one of the many day cruises. But since Amsterdam in the evenings and at night is a bustling city, a so-called night cruise is not to be sneezed at. You can choose between a tour on an open or a closed boat. Who likes to eat delicious, can opt for a cruise with a culinary offerings. This culinary offerings can be both extensive and limited ...

Check out the range cruises in Amsterdam.

The hidden city of Amsterdam

The package "The Hidden City" cruising through lesser known and narrow canals with a salon boat for an hour. In this journey through time you pass forgotten neighborhoods of Amsterdam as the Verver Area and Lastagne. You can enjoy beautiful views along with a tasty 17de century liqueur. The route followed is not accessible to a typical canal boat, and ensures a unique experience. During the second part of the package you walk through the medieval heart of the city. The tour starts at the entrance of the Smits Koffiehuis (situated opposite the Cultural Centre of Amsterdam).

architecture Vaart

During the sail architecture introduces you to the most interesting modern architecture which you can admire in Amsterdam. This cruise does to the Eastern Docklands. This port bubbling for about 100 years (until 1875 1970) of port activities. As you will discover during this cruise Passengers Terminal for cruise liners, the former Lloyd Hotel and a lot of converted warehouses. From the boat you will be introduced to the Java island. At Java island you can admire architecture as it were, harks back to the typical construction along the seventeenth century canals.

Luxury Dinner Boat Trip

Luxury Dinner Boat Tour is the perfect tour for anyone who likes his / her companion luxurious dining in more than one restaurant. After your group enjoyed a starter in the first restaurant you will be picked up by boat for a pleasant cruise on the canals of Amsterdam.

After a cruise of about one hour where you can enjoy a drink on board it is time for the main course in a second restaurant. Obviously, there is ample choice between meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. After the main course is further put the meal on board the luxury boat. The package is sealed with an approximately one-hour final cruise. During this valve you can enjoy a dessert and a drink on board. This Luxury Dinner Roundtrip fits perfectly as family party, corporate event or other group event.

pub Cruise

During the Pub Cruise will sail with a luxury water taxi for a half hour by the brilliantly lighted canals under the unlimited pleasure of soft drinks, beer, wine, cookies and nuts. You will get an unforgettable impression of the historic heart of Amsterdam, with its vibrant nightlife. The trek passes include the world famous Red light districtWhere the guide will tell you more in a passionate way about the oldest profession in the world.

Canal Hopper

Those who opt for the Canal Hopper, choose the most environmentally friendly way to sail around the canals of Amsterdam. The skipper of the Canal Hopper treats you on sites that do not call the regular tour boats. You can up or get off at four sites with a day ticket for the Canal Hopper. From March to October the Canal Hopper sails according to a fixed timetable, but the covered boats can also be booked for private tours.

Dinner Cruise

With Dinner Cruise enjoying already cruising the canals and harbor of Amsterdam, a luxurious dinner. The exclusive surprise menu gives you establish a brilliant evening.

City Canal Cruise with the Van Gogh Museum

At the City Canal Cruise combine a visit to the Van Gogh Museum with a cruise through Amsterdam. In addition to the discount on the entrance fee for the museum, you have the advantage that you do not queue to enter the museum.

Amsterdam harbor tour

During the Amsterdam harbor tour you discover the port of Amsterdam. This two hour tour will only be held between March and October and takes you along the docks, transshipment areas, industrial sites and embankments.

Amterdam buy tickets online


  1. Amsterdam is very nice to see from the water! The canals are atmospheric. It is especially nice to get information from .. nice to imagine how there was once lived.

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