22 June 2018

Sail Amsterdam

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Sail Amsterdam

Every five years the weather so far, then find the nautical event Sail in Amsterdam. Since 1975 this happens every five years. The reason for this is started, is to honor the nautical history of the Netherlands. The event lasts 5 days and is back in 2020 for 10e edition.

The biggest and most special Tall Ships come over to Amsterdam and provide it in combination with music and culture for a big party. The ships can be seen here, are called the Tall Ships. These are ships that have for centuries the seas dangers. Today they have lost their job, but they are honored by this event. The life aboard was not a party. Because they had to endure all kinds of hardships. There are over the centuries too many crew members died during their work. It is nice to also honor these people and remember during the days of sail.

The ships at Sail

The most impressive Tall Ships coming from all over the world during Sail to Amsterdam. This year, for example, the "Alexander von Humboldt" from Germany, "ARC Gloria" from Colombia, "Atyla" from Spain and so many others. There will also sail in the regatta site which are always nice to look at.

Dutch ships

Of course it is also represented our country. From the Netherlands, the following ships taking part in the event: "Artemis", "The Atlantis", "The Unity", "The Golden Lion", "The Morning Star" and "The Oosterschelde". In addition to the Tall Ships and see the historic Dutch ships, there are also more modern ships. In addition to viewing all these special vessels can also participate in several large and small activities around the IJ harbor.

Visit Sail Amsterdam

This event where about 600 ships to join, is more than worth a visit. Moreover, this is a free day trip to our capital, because access to the sail is free. Sail Amsterdam is truly an experience for children to experience once. There are always all kinds of nautical activities in the field of sports and games which you and your children can participate. This makes the event is a fun day out for young and old. Every day finally ended with a magnificent fireworks show.

Amterdam buy tickets online

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