22 June 2018

Maritime Museum

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Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is a Dutch museum in Amsterdam. The museum was formerly the Dutch Maritime Museum.

History Scheepsvaartmuseum

The museum, then called Netherlands Historical Society Maritime MuseumWas founded in 1916. In the museum are about 300.000 items found coming from shipping companies, collectors and enthusiasts from maritime and marine world. The museum is in 1973 moved to another part of Amsterdam, there it is opened by Princess Beatrix.

Of 2007 2011 was closed to the museum, this is because there occurred a major renovation. Because of this large and extensive renovation the museum in October of the year 2011 is reopened. The special replica of the East Indiaman Amsterdam has since been admired at the dock of the Maritime Museum.

the Zeemagazijn

The Maritime Museum is housed in a special building that is in the Zeemagazijn. What exactly is the Zeemagazijn and how is it created? From the year 1590 Amsterdam is growing rapidly. In 1650 3 islands are built for shipyards, warehouses and homes. On one of these islands, the island Kattenburg, the shipyard of the Amsterdam Admiralty with Zeemagazijn. The Zeemagazijn itself opened in 1656, found in the warehouse include cannons, sails, flags and ship equipment for the navy.

The building has attracted many tourists from the beginning, it was because the roof had a great view of the city. It went pretty well with the building and the museum until 1791 the building burned to the stone walls after. In 1795 attacked the French troops founded the country and the Batavian Republic was. The 5 Admiralties were abolished and replaced by a national navy. The Zeemagazijn was used as a warehouse for the Navy. This continued until 1970. In 1972 the Zeemagazijn began again as a warehouse for the highlights of the Maritime Museum. The museum was a Rijksmuseum, therefore there were more funds available. Princess Beatrix opened the Scheepsvaartmuseum officially on April 13 1973.

The current collection at the Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum has more than 300.000 objects, including paintings, arms, world maps and ship models. This collection of ship models is to mention the models from the 16e to 18e century of particular interest.

The library of the museum is the specialty one of the most detailed libraries in the Netherlands and is also known internationally. The library is open every Thursday from 9: 30 t / m 17: 00.

The paintings collection is the largest in the Netherlands, and includes images of Dutch naval officers such as Michiel de Ruyter.

The National Maritime Museum has more than 300.000 objects

The National Maritime Museum has several sub-collections:

  • Ships and technology: The museum has about 1.800 models of ships, 350 half models of ships, 60 models of machines, engines and equipment. The museum has a large collection of drawings of ships, owns 2 pull yachts from 18e century and about 50 small yachts and racing boats.
  • Maritime arts and crafts: The museum has about 800 maritime paintings 17e to 21 century made famous by marine painters. The Maritime Museum has many objects such as historical prints, ship portraits, flags, maps and topography. There are also lots of photos and more than 3.000 drawings of places and ships which can be found the oldest circa 1550 in the Maritime Museum.
  • seamanship: The seamanship includes atlases, globes, maps and tools.
  • Library: In the library to find some 65.000 titles on many themes. Including: geography, seamanship, shipbuilding, ship logs and 3.600 titles itineraries.


At the museum moored 2 vessels, namely: the steamship Christiaan Brunings, this ship was built in 1900 as an icebreaker and ship management of the Department of Public Works, and a replica of the East Indiaman Amsterdam from 1990. It is very nice to see the VOC ship, read here For more on the VOC ship Amsterdam. VOC Ship Amsterdam Until the renovation 2007 was to see the king sloop in the Maritime Museum. This is a galley from 1816 that the royal family had transported themselves on special occasions. The then Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard have used the ship at their silver wedding in 1962.

The Maritime Museum now

The Maritime Museum shows how the sea has determined the Dutch culture. There are exciting and interactive exhibits. There are also special exhibitions for children, such as you see in the Golden Age and the story of the whale. The Maritime Museum is fun for young and old!

Opening Maritime Museum

Monday 09: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Tuesday 09: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Wednesday 09: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Thursday 09: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Friday 09: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Saturday 09: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Sunday 09: 00 - 17: 00 hours

The National Maritime Museum is closed 27 of April (King's Day), Christmas Day (25 December) New Year (1 January).

Entrance Maritime Museum

regular € 15, -
Child 5 t / m 17 year € 7,50
Child 0 t / m 4 year Freebies
Students, CJP Culture Card € 7,50
Members VNHSM & Friends Fleet Freebies
Museumkaart / Stadspas / BankGiro Lottery VIP CARD Freebies

The museum is also free for members of the Fund Company, holders of the I Amsterdam City Card, Rembrandt Association, ICOM pass, I Amsterdam Card Crew, Holland Pass ticket and carers of people with disabilities.

Accessibility Maritime Museum

The maritime museum is accessible for the disabled, also there are some wheelchairs to borrow.

Address Maritime Museum

Kattenburgerplein 1 1018 KK Amsterdam

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