23 June 2018

The oldest tower of Amsterdam - Schreierstoren

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The oldest tower of Amsterdam is the Schreierstoren. It is located in the heart of Amsterdam Close by the Central Station on the Prins Hendrikkade. Inside this medieval building, you can take a relaxing pit stop at the restaurant. Whether you just want a drink or a full meal in the cafe VOC Schreierstoren the place to be. You can rent a space for a reception or wedding.

The history of the Schreierstoren

The Schreierstoren was built in 1487 as part of the city wall of Amsterdam. It is a defense tower, and the only one that has been preserved. Originally called the tower SchrayershoucktorenWhat 'acute angle tower' means. The tower was formerly namely at the spot where the city wall turned a sharp corner. Later, the name degenerated due to the verb "cry" or cry. At the time of the VOC women climbed the tower in order to say goodbye to their husbands and sons. Since it was likely that they would not see them again, they were crying when swinging.

Memorials Schreierstoren

On the exterior of the tower have been placed over the centuries several memorials. A stone from 1595 shows a crying woman, what is not a reference to the weeping women, but to the plight of Amsterdam at the time. Another example is a stone in honor of Henry Hudson. He left in 1609 with his ship 'De Halve Maen' to the New World, and founded New Amsterdam (New York). marker

The Schreierstoren in the twentieth century

When the tower had no defensive function anymore, it is still used as a time harbor office. In 1960 the tower came to be empty, which provided an opportunity to restore it in 1966. Since then, the put into use as a catering establishment. It has since become known as the VOC Schreierstoren the pub, and has decorated the rooms in different spheres. As a result, the location is suitable for multiple activities.

Boat trips

At the lower terrace of the Serbian Irish Tower there is space and opportunity for boats to moor. From the tower you can use different types of cruises. You can therefore easily combine your visit to the Schreierstoren with ride through the canals of Amsterdam.

Opening Schreierstoren

Monday 10: 00 - 01: 00 hours
Tuesday 10: 00 - 01: 00 hours
Wednesday 10: 00 - 01: 00 hours
Thursday 10: 00 - 01: 00 hours
Friday 10: 00 - 02: 30 hours
Saturday 10: 00 - 02: 30 hours
Sunday 10: 00 - 01: 00 hours

address Schreierstoren

Prins Hendrikkade 94-95 Amsterdam

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