22 June 2018

Sex Museum Amsterdam

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sexmuseum Amsterdam

Amsterdam sex museum or also known as the "temple of Venus" is the first and the oldest sex museum in history. The Sex Museum offers you everything based on sensual love with an extensive collection of erotic images, objects, paintings, recordings and photos they all gathered by the owners.

Amsterdam sex museum opened in 1985

Everything is displayed in a 17de century building which is located on the Damrak in Amsterdam. The museum was opened in 1985, it was an exciting time for the initial collection was very limited at that time. It did not then much more like a small collection of erotic objects that were used in the 19de century. However, when no one could suspect that the museum would be as big as it is today. The first visitors were very enthusiastic, the owners decided to expand their collection more and more.

Sex Museum

Natural thing in the world

If one looks back in retrospect, one could conclude that people used for anything and everything had a museum except the sex. therefore remained the historical and artistic aspects of sex unknown, and it is a topic that everyone is busy. Actually, it is still the most natural thing in the world that two people in love sex. How else can children be born?

A maze in the Sex Museum

The entire collection can be found in 2 behind houses. You can find some in the hall and stairs in a room that they have designed. The result of this impressive part is that it connects the museum into two parts and that visitors have many exciting insights into the ever-expanding collection of all different cultures and eras. It gives visitors many hours of viewing pleasure and a lot of listening pleasure. If you visit the Sex Museum, you'll determine what exciting against.

Sex throughout history

During the tour you'll learn all about the sex. Are you curious how the Ancient Romans thought about sex and how they coped until the end of the year prudery 18de century? Then a round of highly recommended in the temple of Venus and you totally will not regret it.



Admission Sexmuseum

Access is possible from 16 years.
The entrance fee is € 4, -

Amterdam buy tickets online

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