19 June 2018

Amsterdam City Archives

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Amsterdam City Archives

Always been curious about that one mysterious Amsterdam grandfather? Or looking for documents that could tell us more about the history of your house? Reminisce in image and sound at a concert Paradiso?

Just some questions to which the answers are found in the Amsterdam City Archives.

The city archives accessible to everyone

This 'public memory' of the city attracts thousands of visitors. People who are searching for their roots, students, town historians, photographers, journalists ... In short, a very mixed group, which is already clear that the City Archives is hugely wide in scope.

Tens of kilometers of archive space taken up by documents and of the municipal authorities, institutes and businesses. These documents, many of which are yet to come from the golden age, give a wonderful picture of the history of Amsterdam.

The City Archives is very varied and plentiful

The beautiful historic building 'De Bazel' where you can find the City Archives also includes a library. Each book in which anything is written about Amsterdam can be seen there. But not only books: Amsterdam also magazines and newspapers, some even 350 years, are part of the collection.

Amsterdam is one of the most drawings and photographs of cities in the world. No wonder that the City Archives has a huge collection of images. More than 700.000 photos and thousands of drawings are on display there. The creators are often not known but there is also work by famous names like George Breitner, Ed van der Elsken and Mondrian.

The more recent history of Amsterdam goes further life on the basis of moving images and sound. For example, the City Archives has a large collection of films that give a beautiful picture of Amsterdam during the war years.

In the city archives are also given courses

Who is afraid of'verdrinken' in the huge amount of material and information, do not despair. Employees of the City Archives are always in word and deed ready for you.
But that's not all. Do you want to do genealogical research, you can participate in courses given annually to help you on your way. You will learn for example to decipher ancient manuscripts.

To show what treasures there are all hidden in the archives, the City Archives has set up a permanent exhibition. In addition, in the central hall constantly changing exhibitions on a specific theme.

City Archives in

The archive store

Not looking for specific historical information? No worries! Then a visit to the City Archives more than worthwhile. The archive store include a huge range of books, posters, games, maps, CDs, DVDs, postcards, etc. all of which have a link with Amsterdam.

Café de BaselCafé de Basel

And last but not least you can in café De Bazel enjoy not only coffee, cakes and a tasty lunch or afternoon tea but also the beautiful setting of the listed building.

Opening Stadsarchief

Monday 10: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Tuesday 10: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Wednesday 10: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Thursday 10: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Friday 10: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Saturday 12: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Sunday 12: 00 - 17: 00 hours

Accessibility Amsterdam City Archives

Wheelchair users are requested to report at the side entrance to the Herengracht 482.

Address Amsterdam City Archives

Vijzelstraat 32
1017 HL Amsterdam

The City Archives is accessible by tram From Central Station: lines In 16 24Keizersgracht.

Please note: cars Park in the center can be difficult and probably costs you time.


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