17 July 2018

Electric Ladyland

Been to Electric Ladyland, you can admire genuine fluorescent art, but you can also participate in the arts. Visitors during the visit to the museum a part of a piece of art. The beginning of Electric Ladyland in [...]

Kattenkabinet For the cat lover

The Kattenkabinet is completely dedicated to the beloved furry quadruped. The Kattenkabinet museum was founded in memory of JP Morgan. Bob Meijer owner, master and companion of this cat, this museum [...]

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

The Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum was founded in 1985 in Amsterdam by Ben Dronkers. This man was canabiszaadteler and together with his friend Ed Rosenthal began the museum that now owns 7000 objects. [...]

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is a Dutch museum in Amsterdam. The museum was formerly the Dutch Maritime Museum. History Maritime Museum The museum, then still under the name Association of Netherlands Historical Maritime Museum, founded in 1916. In the museum [...]

Science Center NEMO

They perfectly illustrate how the Netherlands 100 years ago looked at the future. With an unshakable faith and belief in progress to the ideal quest Science Center NEMO takes sustainability and environmental friendliness you [...]

Hermitage Amsterdam

As many of you know our capital has to offer much culturally. Many museums full of Dutch masters and other treasures, annually attract millions of visitors from home and abroad. A relatively new museum is possible [...]