18 June 2018


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The Resistance Museum in Amsterdam

The Resistance Museum in Amsterdam was founded in 1984. The building where the museum is located, was designed by Abraham Alsace and previously was a Lekstraat synagogue. Near the museum is an assassination attempt in 1943 on the population in Amsterdam.

Today, the Resistance Museum permanent collections and temporary exhibitions on the war. The museum and wealth of authentic objects, documents, pictures and sound files during the Second World War. Through the audio files people tell their story during the war. Next to the museum there is a small, cozy museum shop and a library where you can carry out peaceful research work.


The Resistance Museum in Amsterdam

The museum clearly shows the time between 1940 and 1945 when the Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany. You will learn all about how the Dutch responded when the Germans invaded and how they responded to the ever-increasing oppression. All shapes how they stand come amply discussed how they stopped, how to give help in hiding as the Jews then said had threatened to have to go to prison camps, the illegal press and falsifying instance passports to Jews a new identity to give.

For children there is a special section where you will be sent back using a time machine to 1940. Children discover this department what children 1940 experienced in the Netherlands.

Different themes

In the museum you can include "three girls in the resistance" experience. If you named Hannie Schaft says nothing, a visit is recommended. The sisters were already working with the opposition and picked at a young age their ability to resist armed. Learn all about the heroic stories and example make it poignant theme with 'porridge day, until tomorrow. "

Opening Resistance

Monday 11: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Tuesday 10: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Wednesday 10: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Thursday 10: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Friday 10: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Saturday 11: 00 - 17: 00 hours
Sunday 11: 00 - 17: 00 hours

On holidays the Resistance Museum is open from 11: 00 t / m 17: 00 uur.Entree Resistance

regular € 10, -
Kids t / m 6 year Freebies
Child 7 t / m 15 year € 5, -
Family Ticket (1 or 2 adults with 1 3 to children) € 22,50
CJIP / International student identity card € 5, -
Veteranenpas € 5, -
Stadspas / Museumkaart Freebies

Groups (min. 10 people) Adults: € 8, - please sign in advance your arrival.

accessibility Resistance

  • The museum is a general parking for the disabled.
  • The permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions are accessible to wheelchairs.
  • A number of display cases in the permanent exhibition are from a wheelchair unfortunately not or viewing.
  • The museum has a toilet for disabled
  • wheelchairs (2) to borrow.
  • There is a loop present in the auditorium.
  • There should be an assistance-dog (SOHO dog) or guide dog inside.

address Resistance

Plantage Kerklaan 61A 1018 CX Amsterdam

Amterdam buy tickets online

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