22 June 2018

Find your childcare in Amsterdam

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Are you looking for a childcare center in Amsterdam? Choosing childcare is quite complicated. There is a lot of choice and it is difficult to get an idea of ​​the types of shelter that are all available in Amsterdam. Childcare includes day nurseries, childminders, BSOs and since the 1 January also playgroups. Kinderopvang.org is the site for finding and recommending your childcare. On the website you will find an overview of all childcare centers in the Netherlands, including in Amsterdam. Then you can easily compare the different types of childcare.

Finding childcare

In such a big city as Amsterdam, it is a challenge to find suitable childcare. If you search on google childcare Amsterdam, there are so many choices and possibilities! That is why kinderopvang.org wants to help you in the search for a suitable shelter. On the home page you enter your postcode or city name and then a list with various types of childcare, such as day nurseries, childminding agencies and BSOs. The childcare centers are sorted by distance, so the childcare that is closest to your house is shown first. Then on the page of the childcare organization information can be found on, for example, the website, opening hours, the hourly rate and the spearheads. Many child care centers have also added photos to give an impression of the place where they receive children. This way you can get a good overview of the care that is being looked at within a few minutes. In Amsterdam alone you can already choose from 487 childcare centers. Enough choice! You can choose a childminder near your home, or a nursery near the work. There is a suitable reception for all children.

Recommending childcare

Finding childcare is made even easier by being on the website childcare.org also can leave a review about childcare. This way you can take the experiences of other parents into making a choice. Of course you can also leave a review about the childcare where you have placed your child. This helps other parents to make a choice.

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