23 June 2018

Enjoy in the Vondelpark

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Vondelpark in Amsterdam

Vondelpark, who has not heard of it? It is one of the most famous and one of the largest parks in Amsterdam. However, the park has not always borne the name Vondelpark. At first it was named: New Farm Park. In 1867 was placed a statue in the park of writer Joost van den Vondel. After this it was soon called the Vondelpark.

Since 1996 the park is a monument. Each year an average of about ten million people the park! These are of course not only tourists from all over the world, but certainly from the locals.

What makes it so special Vondelpark?

Firstly, the location of the park is special because it is centrally located in the busy Amsterdam. Between the known Museumplein en Leidseplein. In the park include a number of ponds available which are surrounded by different types of trees, plants and ligvelden. In this field you can fine picnic or barbecue.

Even if you shop after a day on the Albert Cuyp Market or want to get in the busy downtown equally delicious rest, the Vondelpark is also an ideal place to relax.

However, this does not mean that the Vondelpark is just a quiet place to retreat you occasionally. On the contrary! There is just so much to do.

The park include an open-air site. Here are mainly in the summer free shows that you can go visit. There are also various restaurants in the park, where you can stay fine for a snack and drink.


For sports activities you can go to the park! It is a popular spot for runners and roller skaters. If you want your car to here, it is possible for skate rental is near the park.

you indeed not be surprised if you see beyond green parakeets while skating fly, because they are everywhere in the park. Nobody knows exactly how it got there, but it is certainly a special appearance.

Where the park is also famous for, is to have an annual running event. This event is also known as the Vondel Loop. This always takes place in January.

Vondelpark is also child friendly?

That's for sure. There are several facilities available for toddlers. Think of playgrounds and climbing frames.

Getting to the Vondelpark?

There are several ways to get to the Vondelpark. A must is to take a bus or tram to the Leidseplein, because these stop near the main entrance of the Vondelpark.

There are also opportunities to park near the park, but these places are often minimal. Fortunately there are parking garages nearby. These are located at the following addresses:

Museumplein parking garage:
Van Baerlestraat 33B
1071 AP Amsterdam

Byzantium parking garage:
Tesselschadestraat 1-G
1054 ET Amsterdam

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  1. I really enjoy the Vondelpark, very nice to be able to enjoy nature with a bustle around it. It is a park that is always alive.

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