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Warmoesstraat, a special transformation

One of the oldest streets in Amsterdam

Warmoesstraat, a special transformation

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De Warmoesstraat has made a special transformation, from place for green trade to popular entertainment area for gay men. Yet this somewhat extravagant street keeps hidden beautiful historical treasures. A walk through the Warmoesstraat is certainly recommended for lovers of history. war-moes street

Two names for one

One of the oldest streets of our capital is the Warmoesstraat. The street takes its name from the 'potherbs markets "which was kept here before. Here were namely various vegetable traders active. Sooner had the two street names. The most northern part of the street was then Kerkstraat because it approached the Old Church. Later, they dropped the name Kerkstraat to name the entire street Warmoesstraat. The first part of the Warmoesstraat hot now St. Olofspoort. This site was formerly namely the gate of Amsterdam, called St. Olofspoort.

warmoesstraat 1958

In the 16e century, before the construction of the new canal belt, the Warmoesstraat was the street with the largest houses where the richest inhabitants of Amsterdam had a home. After the canals were completed and the rich people moved there, the street changed into an important trading area with various shops.

Warmoesstraat again in good light

Warmoesstraat has a lot of dark days known. In the second half of the twentieth century there was vacant and the buildings were cracked by the homeless. Drug trafficking in the area caused much inconvenience. Nowadays, partly through rigorous approach and oversight of police, hardly any noise in this street. You will find today's trendy shops, cafes and restaurants.

What you should not miss is the oldest house in Amsterdam, at number 90. You will also find beautifully decorated facades and pavements and shops that have been around for more than 100 years. Because there are also a number of shops and clubs set up in the Warmoesstraat, especially for gay men, the Warmoesstraat has a great attraction to gay people worldwide. The Amsterdam Leather Pride takes place here once a year. This is an event where homosexual men can celebrate fully dressed in leather feast.

accessibility Warmoesstraat

The Warmoesstraat is located a short walk from the tram stop. You can also reach the street from the central station. The ten-minute walk is well worth it.

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Looking for fun rides in Amsterdam? You can include a canal cruise, even when the city from the quay already know well. Furthermore, you can visit for example the Amsterdam Eye. Do you want delicious shudder with the children, or each may startle? Then visit to the Amsterdam Dungeon. It is located next to Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam, which in addition, this is an ideal combination of attraction at the capital of our country.

Escape club Amsterdam


When you pay a visit to Amsterdam, an evening out can not be missed. Check for the nicest clubs in Amsterdam so you can step out!

A popular club in Amsterdam From Escape. The Escape is a nightclub at the Rembrandtplein. This club is one of the largest and most popular clubs in the city of Amsterdam. Club evenings are organized in the Escape where many known and unknown artists perform. The next club that I want to take you to is also a very well known club namely Paradiso. Paradiso is a nightlife on the Westerschans near the Leidseplein. Paradiso is best known as a pop venue. Regularly, great performances are given here. In this club 1500 fit people, quite a few.

The next club is Jantjes birthday. Jantjes birthday located on the Reguliersdwarsstraat near the Rembrandtplein. This club is known as a disco where you can go crazy with lots of party DJs. The Sugarfactory is the next club we visit. The Sugarfactory is a nightclub on the Lijnbaansgracht. This club is best known for the coming together of theater and live music. Much creativity in this club, therefore.

Another well-known club that should not be missed in our list club Air. Club air is a nightclub on the Amstelstraat. This club is known for its good cocktails and conviviality. And so we end up at the last club that I want to talk to you about disco Dolly. Probably not the most famous club outside of Amsterdam, but that certainly does not make this club any less than the other clubs mentioned in this text. Disco Dolly can not be caught under a name. It is both a night club and a disco as a bar. What you think I could say the best is that this club has the best of all these different markets.


The Albert Cuyp market is located between the Van Wouwstraat and the Ferdinand Bolstraat in the De Pijp district. It is the most famous market in our country and since 1906 is still very popular among Amsterdammers, tourists and day visitors. With more than 260 stalls, the Albert Cuyp Market the largest daily market in Europe. The range is very varied, from vegetables, fruit, fish and meat to jewelery, fabrics and clothing. On the corner of the Eerste Sweelinckstraat is the statue of Andre Hazes.

The Dappermarkt is located between the Mauritskade and the Wijttenbachstraat. The market is open every day except Sunday. Loved by visitors from inside and outside the city. Because of the spacious layout, the visitor has plenty of room to walk past the stalls. There are many stables with textile and special attention for multicultural articles. The traditional stalls for daily shopping completes the market. So complete that the Dappermarkt in 2006 and 2007 has been declared the best market in the Netherlands.

De flower market is a permanent market on the Singel between Muntplein and Koningsplein. It is a floating market with stalls on boats in the form of Dutch flowerhouses. The market has existed since 1862 when the flower growers used their wares to moor their boats here. Besides fresh flowers, flower bulbs are very popular among the many visitors. There are souvenirs for sale that are related to the theme of flowers and plants.

De Noordermarkt is located in the Jordaan on the Prinsengracht and Westerstraat. The adjacent Noorderkerk can already be recognized from a distance. The market has opened on Monday morning and Saturday since 1987. A part of the market is a so-called farmers market where you can buy organic products. The other part is among others filled with second-hand goods. Here the prices are still low as you might expect from a market. Take a look around the stalls with clothes, jewelery, toys, bags, crockery, carpets and tiles, among other things.


Are you looking for museums and tourist attractions in Amsterdam? Then you can use some help. With more than fifty different museums in the city center, you will quickly lose sight of the overview. The most famous museum in Amsterdam is the Rijksmuseum. It is one of the largest museums in the Netherlands and it contains an enormous treasure of cultural heritage. Since 2013 the museum has been completely renovated. If you are looking forward to an unforgettable experience, the Heineken Experience and Body Worlds are a suitable option. The senses are stimulated by interactive spaces. Are you looking for the story behind brewing Heineken beer or do you immerse yourself in the happiness of the human body? Other attractions that annually attract millions of visitors are the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House.

Amsterdam is rich in art and culture. The Rijksmuseum houses paintings by famous painters such as Rembrandt and Johannes Vermeer. The most famous painting is De Nachtwacht. In addition to paintings, you will find unique earthenware, historical prints and dolls' houses here. The museum also contains paintings by Vincent van Gogh. The Van Gogh Museum is completely dedicated to his work. In this museum you do not only view paintings, but also drawings and letters. Van Gogh sold only two works during his lifetime. The highlights of the collection are The Potato Eaters and Sunflowers. Both museums attract more than two million visitors annually.

Are you looking for an unforgettable experience in Amsterdam? Then it is allowed Anne Frank House not missing. This historical monument in memory of Anne Frank and her family illustrates the story of her diary. Once inside the front and back house you experience how Anne and her family lived at the time. In the diary room you can view the original red diary. Are you looking for happiness and love after this tragic story? Then take a look at body Worlds. The anatomical museum of Gunther von Hangen explains on the basis of human bodies what happiness does to your health. The perfect ending to this cultural adventure is to have a beer at the Heineken Experience.


When you are in Amsterdam, do not miss a day of shopping! Amsterdam has many shops and shopping centers where you can enjoy yourself. Amsterda as fashion city of the Netherlands, in this text I would like to take you along the most beautiful and best shops and shopping centers where you can enjoy shopping unabashedly!

We start our journey with it Magna Plaza. The Magna Plaza is a shopping center located on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. This shopping center has everything you need to have a quick and relaxed shopping experience. From the latest fashion, beauty products, entertainment and food and drink this mall has it all. Do not forget to look at the building itself when you're in this shopping mall, because it's a beautiful building.

Now I like to take you to the Halls. the Halls is a shopping center at the Hannie Dankbaarpassage. This shopping center is unique in its offer. It is a center for media, culture, fashion, catering and crafts. So when you feel like shopping, but you also want to entertain, this is a very suitable place for that.

We continue our journey towards the Primark. The Primark is located at the Damrak. The Primark is a clothing store where the latest fashion can be bought for a small price. There is an enormous range of underwear to outerwear. The next one is ours the Dappermarkt. The Dappermarkt is a real old-fashioned Amsterdam market on the street. The official address is the Dapperstraat but it is much bigger than that. When you go shopping in Amsterdam for a day, this market is certainly not lacking with all its stalls she has something for everyone!

Then we have arrived at our last location the Albert Cuyp Market. The Albert Cuyp market, located on the Albert Cuypstraat, is a so-called day market. Here you can also find almost everything you need. There are many market stalls, something for everyone!


Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, the city where it always buzzes. The city of the pubs, the ramparts and the canals. It is not for nothing that it is said: "in every human heart you will find Amsterdam". But what are the attractions of Amsterdam? What do you see when you go to Amsterdam?

For starters, you have it Van Gogh museum. A museum known for its large collection of painter Vincent van Gogh one of the greatest Dutch masters. The van Gogh museum will ensure that you get to see the most beautiful works of Vincent. Then you can continue to the Micropia. The Micropia is part of Artis and it shows you the smallest, but no less important, creatures on earth: bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae. Since it is Micropia and Artis practically next to each other we go straight to this zoo. Artis is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. Aris has set itself the goal of strengthening the love and care for nature.

Also popular in Amsterdam is the Rembrandt House. The Rembrandt House is a former home built around 1606. The Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn has lived here. Surprisingly, the Rembrandt House itself does not have any works by the master but pieces from his pupils. There are regularly works by van Rijn to be seen.

Slowly we leave Amsterdam again but not before we visit it again Science Center Nemo. A leading building when you enter Amsterdam by train. The Science Center Nemo is a science and technology museum. The museum is characterized by the fact that you can arrive at the museum, unlike other museums where you have to stay anywhere. The museum would like you to investigate and experience for yourself what physics, chemistry, biology and behavioral sciences mean for you.

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