24 June 2018

Warmoesstraat, a special transformation

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Warmoesstraat has made an extraordinary transformation of space for vegetable trade to popular entertainment area for gay men. Yet this somewhat extravagant street hides beautiful historical treasures. A walk through the Warmoesstraat for history lovers certainly recommended. war-pulp Street

Two names for one

One of the oldest streets of our capital is the Warmoesstraat. The street takes its name from the 'potherbs markets "which was kept here before. Here were namely various vegetable traders active. Sooner had the two street names. The most northern part of the street was then Kerkstraat because it approached the Old Church. Later, they dropped the name Kerkstraat to name the entire street Warmoesstraat. The first part of the Warmoesstraat hot now St. Olofspoort. This site was formerly namely the gate of Amsterdam, called St. Olofspoort.

warmoesstraat 1958
warmoesstraat 1958

In 16e century, before the construction of the new canal, the Warmoesstraat was the street with the largest houses where the richest people of Amsterdam had a home. After the canal was completed and the rich people moved there, the road turned into a major commercial area with diverse shops.

Warmoesstraat again in good light

Warmoesstraat has a lot of dark days known. In the second half of the twentieth century there was vacant and the buildings were cracked by the homeless. Drug trafficking in the area caused much inconvenience. Nowadays, partly through rigorous approach and oversight of police, hardly any noise in this street. You will find today's trendy shops, cafes and restaurants.

What you should not miss is the oldest house in Amsterdam, at number 90. Also in this beautiful street decorated facades and pavements and stores that have existed for over 100 years. Because there are also set up a number of shops and clubs in the Warmoesstraat, especially for gay men, the Warmoesstraat has a great appeal to gay men worldwide. Once a year find here the Amsterdam Leather Pride instead. This is an event where gay men fully dressed in leather party to celebrate. Warmoesstraat-Amsterdam

accessibility Warmoesstraat

The Warmoesstraat is located a short walk from the tram stop. You can also reach the street from the central station. The ten-minute walk is well worth it.

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