22 June 2018

Westland Safari

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During Wetlands Safari, already 20 years running, canoe you with a guide through the 17de-century landscape, a village with houses almost floating on the water.
Among sailing you enjoy all waterfowl and you are encouraged by the small birds, as sedge warbler and reed warbler.
Sailing through the wet 'backyard' of Amsterdam, you will learn why the town is built on stilts. You discover why Amsterdam canals. And you will experience why the houses are crooked.

wetlands Amsterdam

Did you know you can walk on water

We stop for a picnic with local produce on an island that moves when you walk or jump over it. During the tour guide tells about the history of the area. You look beautiful meadow birds like the black-tailed godwit and the lapwing and a carnivorous plant, the sundew and let's not forget the cows and sheep.
It is an environment that painters Ruisdael and Rembrandt has inspired.


No fifteen minutes from Amsterdam Central Station you find yourself in a different world where, unlike the nearby city of silence and nature have to say.

The nature reserve Waterland is known for its typical wetland landscapes and picturesque villages. For tourists an unexpected pearl; Amsterdammers for an area to escape the hectic city life.

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Wetlands Safari offers for small groups (you can book individually), max 10 adult guided canoe tours through the reed beds and peat meadows area of ​​Waterland. A no nonsense, sporting and educational outing for young and old.

wetlands Amsterdam

We offer day and evening tours. In fine weather take your togs, the humid air can not forget poncho. Shoes are wet and dirty on the island.

The following is included in the price, bus from Amsterdam Central Station, drink before and after the trek, canoe, guide, picnic and donation Landscape Noord Holland. Every day we go out from the bus station IJzijde, but reservations are required in advance via www.wetlandssafari.nl

[/ Vc_column_text] [vc_row] [vc_column] [vc_empty_space height = "28px"] [vc_tabs] [vc_tab title = "Hours" tab_id = "1444384513-1-89d90f-8b5ad5e9-bc0c536b-3d5d"] [vc_column_text] The season runs from 15 April 25 September 2016

Check Wetlands Safari Day Tour

Bus from IJ side rear Amsterdam Central Station

Monday 09: 30 hours
Tuesday 09: 30 hours
Wednesday 09: 30 hours
Thursday 09: 30 hours
Friday 09: 30 hours
Saturday 10: 00 hours
Sunday 10: 00 hours

duration:over 5 hours (home and away)

Check Wetlands Safari Night Tour

Bus from IJ side rear Amsterdam Central Station

Monday 17: 00 hours
Tuesday 17: 00 hours
Wednesday 17: 00 hours
Thursday 17: 00 hours
Friday 17: 00 hours
Saturday 17: 00 hours
Sunday 17: 00 hours

duration:over 4 hours (home and away) [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_tab] [vc_tab title = "Rates" tab_id = "1444384513-2-3d90f-8b5ad5e9-bc0c536b-3d5d"] [vc_column_text]

Cost Wetlands Safari Day Tour

€ 59 including: Transportation (bus, canoe), guide, drink before and after, picnic and donation Landscape Noord Holland) (discount voucher code WETLANDS2016) children 7-16 years 33 euros €(7 years is the minimum age to participate in this tour)

Cost Wetlands Safari Night Tour

€ 49 including: transportation (bus, canoe), guide, drink and afterwards, drinks and picnic donation Landscape Noord Holland) (discount voucher code SUNWET2016) children 7-16 years 29 euros €(7 year minimum age that can participate in this tour) [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_tab] [/ vc_tabs] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

Amterdam buy tickets online

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