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7 tips for moving students to Amsterdam

7 tips for moving students to Amsterdam

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Living in Amsterdam has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is certainly understandable, Amsterdam is a lively city where there is always something going on. The city has districts with large family homes but also for entrepreneurs and students there is sufficient housing. With the help of the Amsterdam student movers it is possible to work in a professional and inexpensive way move to the municipality of Amsterdam. Below are some tips for a safe and stress-free move.


Many activities take place during a move. The move must be passed on to the municipality. Maybe there should still be a party in the new home. Often family and friends have the opportunity to come and move. To get a clear overview of all these issues, we recommend that you make a clear planning. In this way you have clear which activities have to be carried out and which matters you can leave to family and friends. This way you can clearly indicate what moving company Amsterdam can mean for you on the day of relocation.

Start early

During a move it always seems as if your time is too short. That is why it is wise to start preparing in time. See if all items have to be moved to the new home. If you decide in advance that a number of items do not have to go to the new home, that will save a lot of lugging on the move day. In case of poor preparation, the day of relocation can cause a lot of stress. Therefore start early with packing the contents.

Smart packing

As soon as there is disposal of moving boxes, it is wise to start packing the furniture. To maintain the overview we advise you to pack each space individually. In this way, unpacking the moving boxes in the new home will be much easier. Give all moving boxes a clear label. By writing the content and destination on this label, the student movers can put the moving box right in the right place.

When packing your belongings, three different moving boxes can be used. The book box can be used for packing books or other heavy objects. Try to distribute the heavy items to prevent a number of boxes from becoming very heavy. During the move you will be dealing with a lot of dust, to protect the clothing for this there are special wardrobe boxes. It is possible to hang your clothes in these boxes. For the rest of your furniture you can use standard moving boxes. Use dishware or old sheets to protect delicate items from damage. Try to fill the boxes as best as possible in this way the stuff can not slide while moving.


By measuring large furniture such as the sofa or a TV cabinet, it can be determined in advance whether it fits through the door. It is very annoying to find out on the day of relocation that a moving elevator is necessary. Maybe the furniture in your old house does fit through the door, but the new home must use one moving elevator.

Make a layout

You have probably already thought in advance how the new home should be furnished. For the Amsterdam movers it is difficult to estimate where the furniture should be placed. In order to take this care off your hands, we advise you to make a clear layout or to label the furniture. By providing the furniture with a label, the movers know exactly where the furniture needs to be placed, this prevents a lot of consultation on the day of moving.

Recording connections

After the move, all electronic devices have to be connected again, but how did it all fit together? To avoid this problem, it is wise to take pictures of the connections. This makes it a lot easier to get all the wiring back in order.

inform about a change of address

Your relocation must be passed on to various authorities. The most important thing is to indicate your change of address at the municipality of Amsterdam. The municipality will start processing data and will also pass on the address to other official authorities. Are you a member of a magazine or a daily newspaper? Give your address indication early so that you can get the mail back on the mat at the new address.

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