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The history of Amsterdam nature

The history of Amsterdam nature

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Amsterdam is full of nature, from the well-known Amsterdamse Bos to the Vondelpark and much more, but how did these parks come about? Read more about the history of Amsterdam nature.

The Amsterdam Forest

Amsterdam forestWhen the biologist Jacobus Pieter Thijsse started to worry about the green in the city of Amsterdam in 1900, the idea for Amsterdam forest came into being, because there was a very suitable area at the Nieuwe Meer. Jacobus Thijsse was the inspiration for the Boschplan that was created in 1928 and he also had a great deal of time in the design of the forest. The Boschplan was only really implemented in 1934, the year of the economic crisis, the Boschplan in those days could offer a lot of unemployed people a temporary job. After the Second World War the Boschplan was renamed to The Amsterdamse Bos. The Amsterdam Forest has received an extension in 1999 called Het Schinkelbos.


Vondelpark AmsterdamEveryone knows it Vondelpark of course, almost everyone has ever been there, but how did the park come about? Christiaan Pieter van Eeghen, former director of De Nederlandsche Bank and artist, has made the purchase of an elongated strip of meadows in 1864. CP Van Eeghen subsequently established the Association for the construction of a driving and walking park, where the park became 1964 in April. Initially the Vondelpark was called the Nieuwe Park, but when the Vondel monument in 1867, in honor of the poet Joost van den Vondel was unveiled, the park was renamed to the Vondelpark. Bicycles were not allowed in the early years of the park, that only came in 1893 and then only in the morning hours.

The Wertheimpark

Hortus Botanicus AmsterdamThe area formerly known as "De Plantage" was subdivided in 1682 on the initiative of the city council under approximately 60 parcels that were let as gardens. Near the Nieuwe Herengracht a medical garden was constructed, what now Hortus Botanicus is called, along with a green strip. In 1812 the Wertheimpark was built in this area, as a gift from Napoleon. Napoleon was so "generous" that the Wertheimpark was built at the expense of Amsterdam. It was then designed by Abraham van der Hart.
In the 19e, the Plantage has grown into a residential neighborhood where theater and dance were popular. At the time many dance salons were set up and also a concert hall that eventually expanded to the Stadsschouwburg that stood at 1911 on the Plantage.

The Plantage is named after the Wertheimpark after the death of the beloved Abraham Carel Wertheim. AC Wertheim died in 1897, after which the citizens of Amsterdam held a collection campaign for the construction of a monument, a fountain. This fundraising campaign raised 20.000 guilders and the fountain was unveiled in October 1898. Since the unveiling of the fountain, De Plantage has been called the Wertheimpark.

Your own piece of nature

For the people of Amsterdam who love nature and want to be able to experience it at home, it might be an idea to call in the help of Groenrijk Hoveniers, a landscaping company in Amsterdam. With a personal method they ensure that your garden will look beautiful.

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