Amsterdam sightseeing tips

Artis tickets


Artis Zoo in Amsterdam is a typical nineteenth-century zoo. The historical appearance of the park is located at the entrance already. Artis is already no longer just to mention a zoo. Of course there are plenty of animals to see, there do not be afraid. However, there is plenty to do much more. Have you always been wondering how microbes look like? Pay a visit to Micropia. And did you know that Artis has a real museum? You will not get bored in this zoo.

A visit to Artis is fun for everyone. Walk with toddlers through the park and admire the animals and nature. Older children may walk a day as zookeeper and even your birthday be celebrated at the zoo. For the adult nature lovers there is the Artis Academy, where you can enjoy interesting courses and inspiring lectures. So do not delay and order your tickets