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Amsterdam is of course a vibrant and lively city, which attracts many tourists. The number of tourists in Amsterdam in the past 5 year has risen to as many as 17 million people per year! But what makes Amsterdam so special? Go and discover for yourself and pay a visit to our beautiful capital. Below you will find a few highlights of Amsterdam that are definitely worth a visit.

Amsterdam is of course an old city that flourished during the golden age. You can still see this important part of the past in the city. How about the many canal houses that can be found in the city center.

Located on the canals that are interconnected, you can still see many signs of the historical past. This piece of culture can best be discovered on one of the many cruise tours that can be found in Amsterdam. So let yourself be transported over the water and enjoy all the beautiful architecture that can be found there. Pay attention to all bridges that you encounter along the way. Amsterdam has no less than 1500 bridges, many of which are also from the 17e century tribes.

Neighborhoods in Amsterdam

Naturally, many people live in this city as the capital of the Netherlands. That is why there are many different neighborhoods in the city, each with its own character. These neighborhoods are also worth a visit. For example, there are the nine streets. These short cross streets are located between the beautiful canals and contain lots of nice and small shops.

Or how about the The pipe? In this district live a lot of different nationalities which provides a nice diversity. The most famous market in Amsterdam can also be found here Albert Cuyp Market. Every day there are 260 stalls offering all kinds of different types. Also Jordan is worth a visit. Here you will find besides many nice shops also the courtyards that were built in the golden age for the poor, elderly and orphans. This piece of culture is special for the city of Amsterdam.

Museums and other places of interest

Amsterdam has a lot museums about a lot of different subjects so for everyone there is a museum that is interesting. Perhaps the most famous museum is it Rijksmuseum . In this museum you will find 200 halls with many different collections and of course the famous painting 'de Nachtwacht' by Rembrandt.

Also the Anne Frank House is located in the city. The house where Anne Frank was in hiding has been opened to experience how she lived there together with her family.

Furthermore, the Palace on the Dam is a real highlight of Amsterdam. In the palace, official state visits are still being received and during the rest of the year you can admire all the splendor as a visitor. Do you have enough of the history of Amsterdam then you can also visit Madame Tussauds or sneak in The Amsterdam Dungeon.